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There are many anti-aging "cosmeceutical" products out there. But the best kind of topical cream to repair the aging process is a retinoid. Retinoids are vitamin A derivative compound that have been shown to boost collagen production and cell turnover. Ask us which prescription-strength retinoids we feel would be best for you.

Using Caution When Buying Products Online

As consumers, we are always looking for a deal but when buying skin care products online, you should use extreme caution. You could be putting your health and physical appearance in jeopardy if you are searching for the “best price” on the internet. You would be surprised at the amount of expired, counterfeit and illegal skin care products that are sold on seemingly reputable websites. As the saying goes, sometimes when it sounds too good to be true, it is!

A super-low price on a skin or hair care products sold online can mean a multitude of things:

Products could be expired:

Be wary, online retailers will often remove the expiration date from the package so you have no idea how old it is. Some companies use codes instead of expiration dates. Ingredients used in skin care products such as retinol degrade based on time, heat and other environmental factors if not stored properly. This can cause redness and irritation.

Products could be counterfeit:

There are numerous reports of imposter skincare products coming out of China and other countries. Our doctors and estheticians have personally seen many counterfeit products brought in by patients. Often times the counterfeit products may be in an old bottle that’s been refilled with an inexpensive imitation cream.

Products could contain illegal or unknown ingredients:

Many counterfeit skincare products come from China and a few other countries. They could contain lead, mercury and other harmful toxins. These products may also contain fragrances or preservatives that can cause an allergic reaction. Extreme temperatures such as excessive heat and cold can damage the chemical purity of the products. Organic products are at an even greater risk because they do not contain preservatives to protect them from temperature variability and bacteria fungus that grows in hot, muggy environments.

There are a number of ways you can still get great deals on the products we carry.

The Canadian Pharmacy Review – A Common Fraud
The Canadian Pharmacy Review – A Common Fraud

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