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Ac Credo Review – A Fake Canadian Drugstore With Mixed Reviews

11/12/2020 by

Ac Credo Review – A Fake Canadian Drugstore With Mixed Reviews

I was able to access the FAQ portion of the store, but were they really that concerned about their customer's well being? They need an annual fee of $90 to keep their customers safe.

For more discounts, they provide a 3% discount on an additional order or you can subscribe for a free 30-day trial.

Ac credo has a strong position as a pharmacy. They have a vast array of products to offer. They give you a lot of options with their drugs and different side effects. They also have a page for their working members only Facebook page.

Their Canadian Pharmacy store is very impressive when you consider how large the site actually is. I still wish they had a better drug store.

I like how LegitScript labeled the website and their products as fake. They also give the store a C level rating.

Unfortunately, since this pharmacy is on my list of undesirable online pharmacies, I can only get one discount offer. They provide a one off offer of 5% on all purchases and 40 free generic Viagra on every first order.

I would have liked to see their offer of free shipping if they will be able to deliver their products to their customers in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

If this pharmacy is the best I can find, I would have been willing to order from them. However, the fact that this is not really the case is a disquieting thing. They have a very low reputation and are ranked as Rogue Pharmacy by LegitScript. I would rate this store at 1 out of 5 stars. I recommend this store only to people who are willing to put in extra research, read their websites and their policies before deciding to purchase.

Ac credo is an online pharmacy that claims to be Canadian but is actually based in Ireland. They say that they offer free shipping to Canadian orders. I went on to find some stats that I believe are accurate.

The drug store says that they sold drugs to their customers for more than two decades.

Customer Testimonial

Not all reviews are neutral, however. Some reviews are actually positive without even the slightest hint of bias. Such testimonials are usually placed on third-party sites like TrustPilot.com and scamadviser.com.

Adding to the confusion are reviews that appear on TrustPilot.com but appear on another site completely. These kinds of reviews are clearly forged and are usually placed on other fake websites.

There are only so many factors that can line up and make a sale, and the internet has made it so much more complicated.

It would be wise to keep an eye on every aspect of online shopping you do to make sure you’re doing it right. It’s easy to get distracted with the latest fads and trends, especially when shopping online, but it’s not a place to gamble a million dollars on a product.

However, as consumers, we all want to save more and buy in quantity, so it’s important for us to constantly check for suspicious sites.

To do this, we need to constantly be checking for suspicious websites and keeping a log of our purchases.

Shopping for drugs online is a lot more exciting than it used to be, especially for consumers shopping for their second-generation drugs.

Even if it’s somewhat confusing, shoppers are finding it easier to shop for their meds online since there are so many pharmacies and online drugstores to choose from.

We also have more choices in the amounts and products available for purchase and the protection of your details.

Getting away from your medicines means getting your money out of the web and into the store. When you do this, you’ll be able to save more in the long run.

One thing is for certain: Shopping with this pharmacy means you can find deals much more exciting than the usual prices and the usual quantity.

Ac Credo Reviews 2021

When you shop with ac credo, you get a 5% discount on your remaining purchases. This is a big deal and one that you won’t regret shopping with them.

Plus, if you use your credit card for your orders, you get to keep and use all of your money during your purchases.

There is no better shopping experience than shopping with this shop.

Ac Credo Reviews 2021

From the above, we can deduce that ac credo is a top-notch pharmacy that focuses on providing quality generic drugs. They are more likely to have a wide range of products, but they sell the most popular brand Viagra which is only available in hard pill form. They only sell generic Cialis however.

So how did this store seek us out to verify the reliability of their service? Well, they started out by including our contact information on their main page. However, as we have seen, this is not a very trustworthy source since it is not very likely that they will be honest with you.

From what we have seen, we do not believe that this site has been in business for more than 3 years. It is also not clear where they are based except for being based in Canada.

This website was also very likely to be a scam. We have seen it on a number of other online pharmacies that do not operate legally.

To conclude, this drug store is probably not a reliable drug store because of all the reasons mentioned above. It is also not clear where the company is based and we can not verify if it is an approved member of a regulatory body.

Prescription Requirements

Shipping is free from this pharmacy site. Shipping costs vary depending on the quantity of the product you want to buy.

  • This pharmacy offers phone and email support for their customers. Telephone numbers are
  • This pharmacy offers a variety of pharmacy-related services including
  • consultation video calling mail etc.

There are a huge number of reviews on the online drugstore site. From the seller's perspective, this is a strong indication that the site is legit. However, we highly doubt that the pharmacy is being operated from a genuine business location.

We advise all customers to seek a genuine and unbiased third-party review on the site to be convinced of their authenticity.

Please note that they do not have a live support chat, so you may send your query through their website.

Ac credo is a pharmacy which claims to offer safe services for sale. They say that they offer compassionate care for their customers. We take a look at the pricing of the drugs they sell to see if it is worth using.

We can see from the domain name database that this pharmacy’s address was only a few days old. The site’s lifespan is from the date they were registered until their domain was very recently created (currently less than a year).

We don’t know. By using domain privacy, we will be able to see all the information which would allow us to tell if they are a genuine provider or not.

Furthermore, the owner of the site are using a protection service to hide their website information.

Scam Analysis

Below are descriptions of the scammers which have visited scamadviser.com in the past and the findings which were obtained from scamadviser.com.

The scam assessment also shows that this pharmacy is operating from a member of the PLCB and the PGEU GPUE, and it is safe.

The website that provides the information about the pharmacy is based in Canada. The site also uses Google’s web cache as it was found on Google Maps.

This pharmacy doesn’t have an email account and we can’t be sure about the authenticity of their emails as they are not secure.

Ac Credo Scam Analysis

There are three ways to get in contact with the customer support team of this company. You can fill a contact form, phone them, or post to their website.

The negative feedback shows that the company is willing to lie about the age of their business and about their location.

They do not have the legal approvals that they need which means that you should not take them at their word.

With the legacy of this drug store and the fact that they are using a fake testimonial page, it seems likely that the company has been scamming people for a long time.

Business Profile Details

They are using a secure SIPA registered web site to register their business. They use secure transfers to ensure all the sensitive information you send them is correctly encrypted. They also use a logo that says “Certified by EMA”.

This pharmacy is not registered with any regulatory bodies, either. This is a concern that suggests they are not doing things in line with the law.

Checking on moneysgn.com, they claim to be from the US only. This is good because it means that their business is not doing business in other countries which may put the safety of their customers at risk.

On LegitScript.com, they claim to be the most accurate and functional online pharmacy on the web. They use a member of staff to ensure that all the information they collect is accurate and they are up to date.

This pharmacy website specializes in male supplements. They offer generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra for around $9.95, and are offering generic Propecia for around $39.95.

What is strange about this pharmacy website is that they are offering generic Propecia in their top Featured products category. This suggests that this is a fake product and that the product is only being offered to deceive the customers.

The pharmacy site has a Free Shipping Policy which means if you are ordering over 150 dollars in total you will only receive $10 shipping. This is not a very attractive offer so I would not buy from them in the future.

Shipping is through Airmail and is supposed to take between 2 and 3 weeks. The pills are supposed to arrive at your door after. This method of shipping is cheap and cheap is nice so don’t be deceived by this.

This pharmacy website has a page for their customer testimonials. There is a lot of good comments from customers who have tried this store out. All the testimonials are positive except one, a customer named Robert who says this company is a bunch of liars.

There have been a lot of negative comments posted on this site, all are written by the same person. It puts the integrity of this company on full display and suggests that there is something not quite right about the company.

I cannot recommend this pharmacy as they do not trust their customer feedback and testimonials. They also do not have any regulation which indicates that they are not safe.


This site might seem like an unlikely place to acquire medication. More than likely, it is an online pharmacy that distributes drugs from other countries. However, this is unlikely as most pharmacies that are trustworthy do not have any operations in these other countries. They are simply there to dispense drugs which are cheap and affordable to all. We only give them a 1.4 out 5 stars rating.

This website is an online pharmacy that seems to have a lot going for them. They have a wide range of medicines to offer and they sell them at very friendly prices. Although they use a lot of different mechanisms to make their website look legitimate, there is no denying that they are fake.

Ac credo is also associated with a large number of mirror websites. They are very likely to be associated with many other online pharmacies that do not have the same genuine features. There is also a great chance that the buyer may fall victim to suborning schemes that operate on a worldwide basis.

In our case, it looks like that the demand for these restricted medicines is very high. This could be a symptom of the fact that these medicines are not available in other countries. It is also possible that the drugs are fake which is shipped to other countries.

All of these products are manufactured in India. There is a large possibility that this company is involved in cross-border smuggling, money laundering and other shady activities.

They are offered at a lower price than the standard medical drugs offered at local pharmacies. It is very clear that the products are counterfeit and unsafe for consumption. The drug prices are very expensive and the manufacturer is likely to be involved in other suspicious activities.

This online pharmacy offers a free express shipping method using Trackable Courier for orders over $300 while Airmail only costs $25.