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Big Mountain Drugs Review - A Suspicious Online Pharmacy

23/01/2021 by

Big Mountain Drugs Review - A Suspicious Online Pharmacy

Big mountain drugs is a Canadian online pharmacy that specializes in generic and branded prescription drugs. It has been listed as rogue by LegitScript and is also operating in a very shady manner.

We are constantly bombarded with offers on web drugstores all over the world. Why not try a coupon for a perfect price?

The following offers are available in the this website store including but not limited to the following:

You can even apply for a 5% discount on their next order. What is strange is that they do not have an offers to try and get you a discount when you submit an offer.

To conclude, I have to say that I am really impressed by what they have to offer. They are not afraid of sharing information such as their location and they are not hiding anything. There is a lot of promise in what they are promising and I am just glad it has not been seen before.

It is hard to believe that a store that has existed in the name of 16 years could be a rogue. I think about it, I give them 3, but that is only because they are difficult to read about. Maybe I am just biased because I work from home.

So I give them 3. Give them 3.a) I will not waste my time when I come across a better online pharmacy. The prices are unethical and that is why they remain in the web.

They are also trying to manipulate their public comments and have a negative profile on Google. They do not have a valid business license. We will never know unless we have a really strong investigation.

Big Mountain Drugs Coupon

Last but not the least, there are a lot of other offers from big mountain drugs. Some are nice, others are downright deceptive, but all of these kinds of offers are available for all customers to see.

The site is a great online pharmacy that offers cheap prices and wonderful products. They are very transparent about who owns the website and from where they are based. Most orders that come through here are not processed by them, however, so it is normal to see some delays for the payment information. All in all, they are a great source of pharmacists for your needs.

Since the drug store is moving into the new year, it is a good time to review medicines offered by this store. In this article, we will be able to find out everything you need to know about this popular online drugstore.

Other records available on the pharmacy website show us that they are possibly based in Canada. If this is the case, then this online drugstore may be legitimate, but we need more evidence to confirm.

The business name and address are found on the pharmacy website, as well as the customer support team.

This is a good sign as our business information is safe. However, we need more evidence to make this claim. Multiple suspicious pharmacies exist on the internet, and all of them are operating without a business card for their address. It is not safe.

Big Mountain Drugs Pricing

Pursuant to the Pharmacy and Royal Canadian International Pharmacy Act, as well as the Veterans Administration of Canada, this pharmacy website must comply with the following standards.

Customer Support

We normally get good feedback from customers on forums and other online platforms related to the products they sell. However, support teams from other companies are available to provide additional support to the site.

The web site has an online form and phone number for the support team to call if necessary. This service is available 24/7.

We have our own reviews of the drugstore on the web, but we will be displaying them here because they are so important.

They also say that they have received customer service related to their order within a week. The comments seem genuine but we need more information from them.

They accept credit card payments and give you their address in case you need to make a payment. However, they do not seem to have any regulation.

There are many benefits to choosing this pharmacy over other online pharmacies out there, however. They offer a lot of product categories and the prices are too good to pass up.

They seem to have extra protection from Norton to make sure your information is safe as well as staff. However, they have their own reviews to prove it.

Don't let the low prices fool you though. This is a legitimate pharmacy and they offer very good prices.

They have a wide range of products to choose from and you don’t have to go far to find pills to help you.

You can have a chance to save a few bucks by using this offer which is only available to customers with orders of more than $300.

There is a large selection of products available at this online pharmacy and they are certified by their doctors. The prices are very competitive and there is a whole range of products for different applications.

They also have a customer support team that is very responsive and we like the fact that they don’t require a valid prescription before they will even talk to you about their service.

Big Mountain Drugs Pricing

Big mountain drugs is offering a 70% cheaper price as compared to the generic brands offered by the other online pharmacies. The pricing is very competitive, and it is easier to understand the terms and the pricing. This is a great advantage for the purchase of ED drugs.

Big Mountain Drugs Customer Support

Customers are being given the option to pay using cash, a check, bank transfer, and credit cards. Shipping is free for customers who order drugs worth $200.

The website accepts credit cards from Visa and MasterCard and debit cards from Echeck and Maestro. It is a good idea not to allow your credit card details to be compromised in the future.

They will provide you with their secure payment page and you can use their credit card for your purchase. Their generic Viagra pills are a special offer and they will only be available for a limited time.

They have your meds in their online pharmacy and they are easy to navigate and understand. They have a customer support team too and can be reached through their phone numbers.

All over the world. They have a pharmacy that dispenses meds and even dispenses prescription meds to customers from around the world.

The business that runs this store has been approved by the CPA and the CIPA to sell meds online. The pharmacy is also approved by Pharmacy Checker to dispense drugs without markup.

Their pharmacy is also certified by Pharmacy Checker to dispense FDA approved medications to the customers.


It is important to note that this pharmacy does not have any legal approvals, this is because they do not have a valid business license.

From the information we have gathered about this platform, we will have a wrong conclusion. They do not have the necessary approvals to be a legit business.

This website is an online pharmacy that claims to sell a wide variety of medications to all of its clients. However, after doing a thorough research, we discovered that it is not a legit business. Here are some of the things that you need to know about this pharmacy:

These are only a few of the red flags and concerns about this store and it is not recommended for purchase by anyone who wants to save more.

As per the information that we have obtained about this company, it seems that they are based in the US. The company has also mentioned that they ship to all countries in the world.

This is all good but we need to find out more about them. The rest of the information seems to be fake and we find that it could be a scam.

It is important to note that this drug store is not part of any regulatory bodies such as CIPA, MIPA, and LegitScript. This means that they do not appear on any of these regulatory lists.