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Blink Health Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy With No Real Credibility

04/04/2021 by

Blink Health Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy With No Real Credibility

Blink health is an online pharmacy that bills itself as being from Canada. This online drugstore claims to supply FDA approved medications. They also claim to provide Canadian-quality generic medications to their customers. However, we highly doubt the authenticity of this drugstore and would not recommend them to anyone, considering the fact that this is a new platform.

The web design of this pharmacy is not too satisfactory, considering that they have been around for a while but it is not professional. There are also some photos on the site that seem fake, however.

The store’s main site is located on the Wasco pharmacy site in British Columbia, Canada. From there, they have a toll-free number that accepts international calls.

This pharmacy provides a PO box address and a certified mail address at the bottom of the page. It is not clear where these addresses are located in Canada.

This pharmacy has a valid business license from the CIPA as well as from the province of British Columbia. This store is also registered by the Pharmacy Checker and Dentist Services as both legitimate pharmacies.

Canadian-brand Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are the best-selling meds on this site. The prices of these medications, however, are cheaper than the market price. The only problem is that the site does not ship to the US.

Canadian-brand Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are available for $35.72, $35.36, and $36.28 per pill. You can also avail of an 80% less expensive generic product called Cialis Super Active which costs $35.56.

All products sold by the drugstore are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are manufactured using recognized pharmaceutical companies in Canada and the US.

We love coupons because they give us the pleasure of saving our hard-earned cash. However, we cannot confirm whether these coupons are still valid.

  1. Visit a pharmacy store and pay for your medication online.
  2. Use a credit card from a major bank to pay for your order.
  3. Use a Bitcoin transaction to pay for

Blink Health Coupon

The drug store is a promising platform for newcomers but it still carries a considerable amount of risk that you should act accordingly. They only offer a short time of travel and do not provide any information on the location of the business or their customers. Therefore, we should all the more recommend them to use caution while purchasing products from them.

Blink Health

The drug store is a Canadian pharmacy which suggests that they’ve been in business for more than 10 years. We review this store, only to discover that there are more problems with this website than we think.

Their tax number and physical location are unknown. This isn’t surprising as we know little about the identity of the owner and the store. When things aren’t looking good, it is easy to blame the people who are selling the pills on the internet or selling fake drugs that defrauds the innocent people who buy them.

When a website which has been around for a while is found not to be following any regulatory laws, it is always possible that it may be operating illegally. This pharmacy is not a registered member of any government regulatory agency, and we are not sure where their medical supplies come from. This raises the possibility that the pills they sell may have been procured from outside sources.

This store seems to sell a range of generic and over the counter drugs, as well as drug cocktails. They do not indicate which drugs are dispensed from which pharmacy in Canada.

This pharmacy does not have an obligation to provide you with medical advice. However, if you require medication for personal reasons, you are free to email them so long as you have not ordered from them.

Blink Health Generic Drugs

When looking at this drug store products, we can say that they are far from being the cheapest online drug store around. There is a reason for that, however, as some of these medicines are not approved for human use. So, the company behind the store is using counterfeit drugs, therefore, the company selling the brand name drugs will be in violation of drug regulations.

If you decide to purchase any of the generic drugs of blinkhealth.com, you will have to test them very carefully and confirm if they are indeed safe and effective for human use.

As we were checking the blink health reviews and testimonials that the website has received, we were able to find some interesting details that indicate that the pharmacy may have been a scam.

After checking the domain status of BlinkHealth, we have actually found some suspicious activity that indicates that this pharmacy is probably a scam.

With the domain registration of this site, we also noticed that the owner has chosen to hide their real contact details.

Blink Health Reviews 2021

Since the domain is now offline, I decided to take a look at some of the popular online pharmacies which sell generic meds imported from international pharmacies. It’s a common practice to order from these drugstores without a prescription if it is not administered by a licensed physician.

Blink Health Coupon

  1. www.buy-pills.to (buy-pills.to)
  2. www.economy-online.com (economy-online.com)
  3. www.buy-it.co (buy-it.co)
  4. www.buy-online-pills.com (buy-online-pills.com)
  5. www.buy-online-meds.com (buy-online-meds.com)

One of the great things about blink health is that it has great offers for its customers, as shown below:

Hot pills that cost $199.15 are only $1.59 ea. The shipping is free and the orders are generally delivered within 14-21 days.

With the help of Cargo Trades International, it is now possible to save some hard-earned cash when ordering online, especially if you are a consumer of medicines. However, there are some issues that make it hard to recommend this pharmacy to others. I must say that I did not expect this many issues, all at once!


BlinkHealth claims to offer drugs from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, China, India, Pakistan and the United States. The pharmacy ships worldwide and their products are shipped from their main office in Canada. They have a live customer support team that you can contact via email or phone.

The website has been a pharmacy on this web platform since 2000. Since then, they have provided you with their customer service team and also their secure payment gateway. The customer support team is available from Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm.

Blink health has not posted any reviews on any third-party websites such as Yelp or any other review websites. While the website is currently hosted by a third-party company called Connected Canadian Pharmacy, there is no way for us to verify this verification.

Even though the website is currently hosted by a third-party company, it is, without a doubt, a rogue.

The pharmacy offers two discount points if you make a purchase of $200. This offer is valid until 30 days after the site is closed down.

Additionally, if you spend less than $200, you get free Airmail delivery. The pharmacy also offers additional FREE regular pills with every purchase.

The site is a drugstore that offers cheap and generic pills. However, they do not offer enough information about the pharmacist so we cannot rely on it. Also, it states that you need a valid prescription which is not provided.

This pharmacy is operating illegally and doing illegal things to get around the legal requirements that they need to carry out.