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Blue Chew Is Offering Free Shipping To All Its Austrian And German Customers.

26/12/2020 by

Blue Chew Is Offering Free Shipping To All Its Austrian And German Customers.

It has been asked if the freebies offered by blue chew are still valid. The answer is no. The freebies were given under the condition that the online pharmacy had received a certain number of orders. If it had received no orders, the freebie would have ended. This was in addition to the discounts that they were giving.

Nevertheless, they offer free shipping to all their customers once they registered for their account. There is no specific mention of the type of shipping they offer. They recommended that their customers post issues to the “Get Help” page so they would be sent “direct from the support team”.

Blue Chew Prescription Policy

If you have questions regarding your order, you may call them on +44200740933. They are available Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM. They can also be contacted through their “phone support” form or through the “contact us” page when you contact them through their website.

There is a mailing address of the pharmacy that can be reached through their phone support, in order to ensure that your order is delivered.

You do not need a prescription in order to pay for your orders online, although they strongly suggest that you contact a physician before ordering from them. The pharmacy ships worldwide and Canadian orders only. For questions regarding these charges, you may call their support team on +1 8882512805 or through their website.

The pharmacy offers several discounts for its customers through customer preferences. You may find special promotions in the following months.

The pharmacy offers telephone support and email contact if you have complaints or questions regarding their services. They also offer a contact form and free telephone consultation. They offer a discount of 10% on your next purchase.

This is a pharmacy that customers should think about buying from if they will be small investors. They do not have a lot of customer reviews though and are not an ideal choice for purchasing medications online.

There is little evidence that shows that generic drugs are safe to use, on the one hand, and this is because they are from manufacturers that are known to be counterfeiters as well as the meds they dispense.

Prescription Requirements

You will need a valid prescription to order our drugs and shop from this site. This is a good sign because prescription medicines are a lot cheaper than the average prices for generic drugs.

  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Bank of America

Blue Chew

Shipping costs $9.95 for standard delivery. You can also choose to pay using a delivery insurance of up to $24.95.

If you have any questions or complaints you can contact the customer support team via their phone numbers:

It is also important to note that there is no evidence available to show that the drugs provided by this pharmacy are FDA approved.

The fact that we don’t meet the minimum standards required by most online pharmacies is a major red flag.

It is therefore important that you are very careful in choosing a pharmacy to deal from, especially when it comes to online selling. If you don’t think you are safe with a pharmacy it is best to just not make a purchase.

While their primary product is Viagra, blue chew is also known from selling anti-depressants and other drugs that improve sleep.

The drugstore is based in the USA, and although it has been in existence for almost 10 years, they are still looking for their licensurer to complete the transaction.

No medical condition is too minor to warrant a request for a prescription, and when it comes to prescription medicines, no paperwork is required. The website takes pride in providing superior services to their customers, and they do not care if you are protected by a VPN or not.

Blue Chew Coupon

This company is a lot of things: a scam, a fraud, a fraudulently operating business, and a threatening company.

They are not a legitimate business. A fact that must be determined after taking a look at all the information that is presented by LegitScript and Scamadviser.

The fact that they are using Fake Meds and also Fake Pharmacy names should convince you to avoid this company.

Blue Chew Prescription Policy

Remember though, they have a 30-day money back guarantee and many other guarantees; this guarantees you that they are a rogue business which you should always think twice about.

The customer reviews seem genuine and we have no reason to doubt them. However, we must be careful in making such large claims. You know what we mean.

With all the information that we have found about this company, we can safely say that they are a rogue business. They are operating illegally and doing illegal things. They are also using fake products and they are not following the minimum requirements to be treated as a legit online pharmacy.

The website is an online pharmacy that claims to sell high-quality meds. In our review, we have found a lot of problems with this pharmacy. The reviews below give some insight into what makes them tick.

The domain name information for this pharmacy confirms that they have been operating for a long time. They have been registered since 2004 and have only recently closed down.

Regulating themselves properly. We also found out that the owner country is based in Canada and they are using a privacy service to hide it.

Accepted Payment Options

Although the pharmacy is operating with a valid licence, it has been found that there is a problem with the website which needs vetting and they do not have a license number. They should be checked out more.

While it may be easy to believe, there are many problems with this pharmacy and it may not be safe for buying drugs.

The pill-cutter.com is a drug store that caters to US consumers but also sells generic medicines to the world. The pharmacy has a wide range of drug categories to choose from and consumers can find whatever medicine they need from the store.

The store doesn't need a prescription on request so they won’t ask for one. They also don’t sell drugs using the Aids virus as that is not an approved medical use.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this pharmacy were to close down before the year 2017, however, so they are looking to get some free withdrawal bonuses with every first order.

Blue Chew Coupon

Blue Chew Prescription Requirements

That's the first thing you notice about this pharmacy. It says that it provides complete medical advice to its patients. However, they also require a doctor’s prescription if you’re ordering ED drugs.

The website donates a percentage of your purchases to disaster relief. This seems to be a good deal.

This is a bit surprising, given the fact that they have a Canadian store. Their main aim seems to be to get more prescriptions written by Western Canadian doctors.

The pharmacy is doing a lot of things right from the get-go. They have excellent customer service and even better deals for their customers. They have a presence in a number of different online pharmacies, proving their credibility.

Their website is a bit confusing, especially because they don’t provide all the information required. I think it would be better to check this site out on their own merits.

This pharmacy website used to be onlinepharmacyadviser.com. However, we found that this domain has been disabled and is currently not accessible. Although, we don’t know who lost their domain.

Also, a country based in Canada is shown in the drugstore. This is a real country, they have a license to operate from it.


It looks like blue chew is relying on the fact that it has gained a lot of popularity over the past years. This means that most of their orders are coming from their customers and it is a big amount of confidence that they have for this platform.

BlueChew seem to be quite confident and happy with what they have achieved and this is a good sign that shows that their business is working.

They have been around for quite a while but their popularity has increased recently and these sorts of services are popular among people who are looking for cheap and free drugs.

I would recommend this web drugstore based on their current condition and their good service but I fear that they may not survive to be in the business for more than a few years.

You can make your orders and collect them from the pharmacy website using credit cards from Visa, Mastercard and JCB. You can pay using the following:

The testimonials are all positive and endorse the pharmacy. I like to believe that what I see online and what I read on the websites is completely true.