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Blue Sky Drugs Review - Not Recommended For Online Use

10/04/2021 by

Blue Sky Drugs Review - Not Recommended For Online Use

Blue sky drugs is an online pharmacy that deals in all kinds of medications. The site claims to have been in existence for over 7 years with a medical doctor in charge of their operations. This means that they are more reliable than most online pharmacies.

However, despite their impressive appearance, the site is entirely unreliable. They have been around for years and not a single one of their articles have been verified. The drugs they sell are not FDA approved which means that they are selling dangerous substances to their customers.

This website has been around for 7 years and offers a wide range of drugs but mainly treat for erectile dysfunction. The prices of the products they offer are cheap compared to other online pharmacies.

The domain used by the website has been around for 7 years. However, there is no information available about the Registration Date, the owner, or the pharmacy that originally registered the domain.

The pharmacy does not have any regulatory approval. They are not registered with any regulatory agency which means that consumers are at risk when using them.

The store is selling generic drugs across a variety of different categories. They do require a valid prescription from the doctor making sure that you take their drugs properly.

There is no money back guarantee which means that you will have to pay your medication again when you are done. You will get a full refund as long as you are returning the medication.

Your order will be delivered through the courier that is on standby in case of any problems such as a lost package or damaged goods.

You will also have a 5% discount on your next ordering so make sure to check the store out if you are looking for a new pharmacy to buy from.

There is no information about the customer service department that has been doing this store's drug store for 7 years but the fact that they are not transparent raises doubts about the legitimacy of their store.

There are no reviews on the pharmacy website of any pharmacy that sell drugs. This means that they do not offer customer service to the public.

People seeking improvement in the customer service have a way of getting hold of this store by completing the form on this site.

There are many problems with this drug store. The fact that they are not registered has not prevented them from being successful in selling their products to their customers.

The online aspect of the store does not seem to be popular with most of the web users. They do not have any real-time customer feedback as well as the testimonials that appear on their own site.

Prescription Requirements

As a precaution, I strongly encourage you to look for a licensed physician to perform an ACTA-approved PPO before dealing with this pharmacy.

You can expect the most popular drugs to be generic ones purchased from this pharmacy. At the same time, you can also purchase brand-name drugs for a great price.

You can engage in treatment with this pharmacy for as low as $79.95 for an eight-week supply of the popular erectile dysfunction drugs.

You have several payment methods available on this website, such as using credit cards from the top two online pharmacies, bank transfer, and wire transfer.

Orders are available worldwide, however, once your shipment arrives. Shipping is free if you spend over $200. However, in some countries such as the USA and Canada, you have to pay a fee.

Blue Sky Drugs

They also offer shipment insurance for up to 88 days, which allows you to cancel your order and request for a refund in the future.

I am not sure if this is a good thing, however, as it seems like they have used fake testimonials to make the site look more reliable.

They don’t have a very large number of visitors and are not very popular on any platform. I would not buy from this website, however, as their products are not FDA approved yet.

This pharmacy has not had much activity online over the last few years. When they were still active, they were operating under a third-party review site.

It seems like they no longer own social media accounts, so they are no longer making claims about of their services.

So, it seems like they have been doing this for a long time and are successfully covering up all the negative feedback that they receive.

With all these unconfirmed reports, it seems like they are doing this in order to keep customers from expressing a real concern about their services.

I always love coupons, especially discount coupons. As long as the website is selling well, and the prices are reasonable, I will be willing to take a chance. However, this pharmacy is just beginning their third year of operation so I would not trust them yet.

Blue Sky Drugs Coupon Codes

Since BlueSkyDrugs is so new to the market, there is not much information about it that we could find. However, there are some special offers from the pharmacy which you can take advantage of.

Furthermore, the customers who placed an order within the first 60 days qualify for free gift vouchers.

The shop is an online pharmacy which claims to offer the best quality drugs at the lowest prices. They have a really good customer service team as well, making things easy. However, we did not find any evidence which suggests that they are a legit store with legitimate products.

The domain name record clearly shows us that this pharmacy has been online for a very long time, running for more than 14 years. This is good for a pharmacy which is only established for less than 3 years.

The pharmacy was registered in September this year; this shows that they are more likely to be a legitimate business and have been operating their business for many years.

The company behind this pharmacy has been operating the business for more than 5 years, over a million clients have now been served. They tell us that they have successfully covered all their pharmacies across multiple locations around the world.

The business name that they use is ‘Europharm Group Inc.’ is used for their business, which is a good sign for an organization which they claim to be legit.

In our search of the cipa.com website, we found out that they are also required to register with the state of Indiana as well.

The store has medication for men, women and people who prefer not to use a prescription drug. They sell brand pills along with the generic pills they source from other online pharmacies around the world.

They even offer brand name drugs for the male erectile dysfunction patients. They offer both generic and branded Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

Blue Sky Drugs Offers Fda Approved Medicines

The payment gateway is secured and it accepts two major credit cards. You can also use E-checks and Wire Transfer. However, there is no mailing address.

Blue Sky Drugs Offers Fda Approved Medicines

When I check for reviews on the generic-med.com website, I find that there are only three reviews. All three testimonials are written by one person. I don't know who wrote them or where they are from. This is just another sign that this pharmacy is a fraud.

On this website, you can find a large number of products that are available at local pharmacies. However, customers are encouraged to use this site for their medical needs as they have the same products offered at other online pharmacies.

The store has a strict policy to make sure that the drugs that you are about to buy are safe. They don't allow the sale of drugs besides the prescribed amount and require a prescription from the doctor before you can order.

Blue Sky Drugs Reviews 2021

The comments were not random and they were all positive. These comments were from online shoppers who have tried out the drug store with no issues.

In case of buyer reviews that are too brief or limited, there are also web audits available to confirm the authenticity of the website. Web audits are free and you can also contact the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to get an ICO meter if needed.

At blueskydrugs.com, we offer every customer the highest quality products at the lowest prices. The shop offers a 10% discount for returning customers.

The drug store is a secure and safe online shop that offers top-quality medications. The store is easy to navigate and provides comprehensive information about their store. The prices are very affordable and are undercut by other online stores around the web. The support staff is also very helpful and most customer reviews are fantastic.

I was surprised by how quick and easy the customer service team was to respond hence the good reviews from their clients. The store is also known for their excellent service. I recommend this store to anyone who wants to save more money when ordering medicines at online pharmacies.

Blue sky drugs is a drugstore that offers several pharmaceutical products at very low prices. Their aim is to make medicines available to all who need them out there. They say that they have been selling medication since 2001. They offer real-time customer feedback as well as their past performance in the market. They offer 40% lower than usual market cost.


I can't recommend this store highly because of its low trust rating. I hope that they improve their service soon because of their low number of customers. I can only give it a 2 out of 5 Star rating.

The site is a drug store which claims to offer 24/7 customer support. They say that they offer this service because they want you to get the best from them. I have seen online reviews for this store which is less than ideal but there are plenty of reviews for other online pharmacies.

Blueskydrugs.com offers drugs through a network of pharmacies based in Canada, New Zealand and the USA. They say that they sell their drugs to their customers not only physically but also through courier services.

There is no address for the business which operates this pharmacy. A search using the Google search returns no results so this is not a good sign.

On Legit Script they say that the store is not in compliance with the standards required by the online pharmacy.

They say that their drugs are FDA approved which should give you confidence that your order will arrive. They charge $19.95 for their regular order which is a lot cheaper than most online pharmacies. They suggest that you select your medication based on your personal budget which you can do conveniently by calling them.

They do not require a valid prescription for your order to be processed but they do require that you fax them. They say that their pharmacy is not a profit center so the cost of the drugs would not be a factor in the overall results.

They only offer two shipping methods which are Regular and Express. They do show you their delivery options in the video though and promise a free courier service for all orders they receive.

If you wish to know how customers have been treating this site in the past you can watch the testimonials below.

Brenda said that the drugs she received from this store exceed her expectations. She said that they are reliable and that they work as advertised. She was also happy with her resolve to receive from them again as they did not disappoint her.