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Canada Prescriptions Plus Review – A Pharmacy That's Likely An Scam

12/04/2021 by

Canada Prescriptions Plus Review – A Pharmacy That's Likely An Scam

Canada prescriptions plus is offering free shipping to the customers whenever they place an order. The shipping costs are: $29.95 for the regular option and $39.95 for the express option. The offer is valid until 31 March 2019.

Reviews are some of the best way of assessing a pharmacy website. This app has been around for several years now and as it is a specialty website it makes it a lot of valuable.

The store is also using a secure payment service and there are two methods of shipping. They have a standard shipping and a trackable courier service. There is also an option for standard delivery. The store would not be open for 24 hours after placing an order.

For their initiative they have decided to give away free pills if you submit them to their website for review. They also offer a cash reward for the first 50% of orders.

There is a role for sideshows and other factors like trust and legitscript.com in the evaluation of a drug store's safety. This site is a good one but when I landed I found the site to be a little outdated so I would have to see how it handles new customers.

The website is a drug store that claims to offer a range of medicines and treatments. However, our investigations into this site only reveal more questions as they are not entirely truthful.

The domain name records show that this site has only been online since 2007. This is in sharp contrast to the fact that most fake pharmacies use the domain for years longer than they actually are.

Payment Options

On the other hand, if you are having issues with your credit card charges you can always contact their customer support team and request for a refund or reshipping of the drugs. The company will reship the missing order if necessary.

US Postal Service only ships orders within the US. However, orders are also shipped from various other countries in Europe and South America. The company also offers a courier service to help you pick up your drugs from wherever you are.

The reviews for the shop are virtually 100% positive. However, there is no way you can verify whether the comments are authentic or written by the company.

Canada Prescriptions Plus

Recently, reviews are also being posted on the web about canada prescriptions plus. Some of these testimonials are very positive but others are very negative.

These testimonials are just a few of the positive reviews and they are just written by the company itself.

The pharmacy is a highly reputable online pharmacy that has been approved by the FTC and has improved their web host over ten years. They offer excellent services for their customers but there is also the issue of the company being a scam.

The pharmacy is an online pharmacy that claims to offer 100% customer satisfaction. The store started operating in 2009, since that time it has been in the business providing medicines for men at very low prices. However, this store has yet to provide any proof that this is a genuine business or a front.

Furthermore, the store offers prepaid shipping for its customers. It has a money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied, you can return it within 90 days after receiving it.

Although there is a money back guarantee, the doctor does not care if you are 100% satisfied as long as you are satisfied.

The store accepts Visa and MasterCard as well as most foreign bank transfers.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Reviews 2021

The real-world distance of this pharmacy from publicly available information is more than four years. The company also uses a fake legal contact details.

The company is not a member of any regulatory bodies and does not provide any genuine contact information.

The use of fake contact details may compromise your personal or card details. Fake reviews are common on this site, with more than 370 fake comments given in total. This is more feedback than you can reasonably receive in an entire year, and further evidence that this pharmacy is not trustworthy.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Coupon Codes

A further look at scamadviser.com reveals that this pharmacy is from Barbados, a low-trust country with very few verified reviews. It is therefore not safe for buying drugs.

The site is also using a free email service. You may not want to engage with this company, as their claims are not publicly available.

You can avail of a special offer for the higher half of the price of the regular pills by ordering the pills through this store.

  • The regular price of the regular pills is $2.13 per pill.
  • You can avail of a 5% discount for the regular price of $3.98 per pill.
  • When you buy on this website, you can also avail of shipping insurance. Depending on the quantity of pills that you buy, you can enjoy a flat rate of $25.

Canada prescriptions plus is an online pharmacy that claims to offer high-quality drugs, but there is no evidence to support this claim. This is a shame, as this is a relatively new website.

On the positive side, there is definitely a large number of positive feedback reviews from current and former customers. However, this is all unofficial, since the company does not provide any information about where they are located or their business. These reviews are usually found on other rogue pharmacies.

The company is not approved by any regulatory authority and they do not have a valid business address.

This website is operating illegally and using fake contact details, which further demonstrates the lack of legitimacy of this pharmacy.

This site was an online pharmacy that claimed to offer 24/7 customer support via phone and fax. However, we discovered that this store is a scam. This store uses an invalid business address and has been named as a Rogue Pharmacy by LegitScript.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Coupon Codes

This shop offers a 100% money back guarantee and offers a free shipping service for orders over 200 US Dollars.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Reviews 2021

Canada prescriptions plus is also known to offer delivery that is as fast as 15-21 days to customers worldwide plus an extra 10 days for the specific order that you placed.

  • Credit cards (Visa and debit card)
  • Personal check (with an address to verify)
  • Mail (with the post addressed to)
  • Your credit card

The shop is a pharmacy that sells generic drugs direct to customers, without any prescription. This is a very common practice which is illegal.

We don’t know if using a prescription is mandatory in Canada, but we suspect that it is the case here as the law is very vague.


The website offers the option to pay using most credit card processing companies such as ACH, Echeck, AMEX, Discover, and MasterCard. The website never displays a valid debit card number that customers can use so it is still extremely risky to make a purchase as the store does not have a secure payment portal.

The products that CanadaPrescriptionsPlus sells are all approved by the Food and Drug Administration because of their FDA approved generic counterparts. For shipping, canada prescriptions plus ships its products to almost all parts of the world except the USA and Canada since these are countries that have strictly banned the sale of all drugs which originate from India. For payment methods, the store accepts almost all payment processors including the ones listed above.

The website offers a chance to get in contact with the customer support team and to get a discount as this website has at least 3 phone numbers that customers can call.

This shop is one of the longest running online pharmacies in the internet market. In its 55 years of operation, the store has offered various types of drugs at affordable prices. The shop might be old but it’s already become a pharmacy and it has successfully treated numerous indeterminate conditions. The store has already served over 2 million customers and it’s not likely to stop anytime soon.


This pharmacy is running an online store that claims to offer FDA approved generic medications. They do not have any FDA approvals themselves, however, they are using a WHOIS Analysis website to seek information about existing customer reviews regarding the site.

The pharmacy that is running this pharmacy exists to comply with the requirements of the publicly-funded agencies. They have approval from a number of regulatory bodies. This includes FDA, European Medicines Agency, and the UK Drugs Agency.

Valid certificates from the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and the Pharmacy Checker program.

The cost of shipping is 2.95 pounds, but you can also get cheaper rates by combining two bottles of generic ED meds and sending one by post.

Of course, trying to get testimonials for a company is not easy, so I highly doubt the sincerity of these testimonials. Customers may not be able to provide genuine feedback for them, but they should at least verify the credentials of the people giving them feedback.