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Cheap Rx Has A Very High Trust Rating From Scamadviser.com.

12/03/2021 by

Cheap Rx Has A Very High Trust Rating From Scamadviser.com.

Cheap rx is a domain monitoring website that uses a service to check if an online pharmacy is legit. This website serves the purpose of identifying which pharmacies are operating legitimately.

The owner of the website seems to be located in Canada. However, from the domain registrant details, it seems that this business has shifted to hiding their contact details.

The web platform of Web Pharmacy Mall has a modern design. The website has a unique layout which is easy to browse and read. However, it seems that the website speed is a little slow.

Moreover, the pharmacy has been categorized as a rogue business. Skimpy legal approvals are a primary reason why the platform is not approved by any regulatory body.

The pharmacy deals in branded and generic medications. There is a wide range of products that can be bought from the pharmacy. Some are:

  • Doxycycline (Tadalafil), which is used to treat acne in males
  • Avanafil, which helps prevent heart disease in males
  • Cipro, which helps prevent diabetes in males
  • Acyclovir (Pfizer), a treatment for people who have had a repeat blood test result
  • Propecia, a pill used to treat premature ejaculation (dry flushing) in males

Online Pharmacy Mall claims to offer medications from internationally recognized pharmaceutical companies. However, from the information which we have gathered, it seems that the pharmacy is not operating as a licensed seller of medications. It has been classified as a rogue business.

Available Products

With the ideal conditions for growing wide-scale recreational activity, there are also available products for the purpose.

  • Rogaine, a prescription pharmaceutical ingredient is given to treat impotence.
  • Malegra: This is a product that helps males to reproduce faster by giving you two hours of intense sex drive.
  • Malegra2, it helps men who suffer from prostate cancer to regain control of their body by providing you with the same effects.
  • You can choose from American Express, Visa, and Discover to pay your bills. You can also pay using a bank transfer or an eCheck. Shipping to the US is via USPS first class mail and tracking is provided through FREE express shipping.

We have found three testimonials for this drugstore. One of the testimonials is posted on the cheap rx website itself.

This website is a scam. It claims to provide products for Menstrual Impotence but does not provide a real-world location for those products. We have also seen several reviews posted on third party websites such as Yelp and Facebook. Another one from this site is posted on the FTC’s website when they came to inspect the online pharmacy.

The pharmacy is a US owned and operated online pharmacy. It is one of the few online pharmacies you can trust. But before you give it a try, here are 5 reasons why you should take a look at the alternative:

A quick check on the domain name reveals that it has only been around for less than a year. The owner’s residence may have been hidden because they are using a protection service to hide their identity.

A slick design of a professional pharmacy is used on their site. They supply pill manufacturers from all over the world. Although they claim to be a pharmacy, they are in fact an illegal affiliate program.

They are using a fake pharmacy license in the United States. This shows that they have a problem which should concern you.

The business which owns this store is operated by a group of US based individuals operating it from the United States. They are using a privacy protection service to hide the ownership details.

They have a rejection rate of 80% as compared to the availability of a real pharmacy. This means that this store is not safe to use.

Cheap Rx Coupon

We have found that Pharmacymall’s coupons are valid and that they work as advertised. However, they do have a premium charge for their delivery which is beyond the capability of many other sites.

To know more about the customer service that cheap rx, we have tried searching the internet for their info. Unfortunately, the site has not been able to retrieve their records. So, I would call it surprisingly anonymous and unreliable.

Brief Review

The reviews that this drugstore receive are very positive. They have received a great many commendations making it very clear to read these reviews that this is a trustworthy website.

The website is an online pharmacy that offers discounted prices and various gifts for its customers. The company does not disclose their year of establishment or location. This is a common practice of many online pharmacies that are based in Canada. They also claim to offer fast and free delivery for orders over $300. Such promises are often made by pharmacy stores that have been around for some time.

The side effect of what the company is doing is not stated but this can be safe considering that they sell drugs that are made of quality raw materials.

Convenient Membership Plans

Although this pharmacy is a verified member of the NABP and has the accreditation to dispense drugs from Canada, they are low-risk and have a legitimate reason to be cautious, having been listed as a Rogue Pharmacy by CIPA.

Cheap rx is an online pharmacy that claims to offer over 80% less than the original drugs, but these claims are not sufficiently verified. We take a look at the drugs they offer to see if they are worth taking a risk with.

A website that has been around for a relatively long time, they have a lot of information about them relating to pharmacies around the world. They give some information about the owner and their location as well as the length of operation.

They claim to be based in Canada, and although they do claim that they have a licensed pharmacist on board, we are unable to confirm whether this really is the case. We would advise anyone considering this store to avoid this store.

This pharmacy has a legitimate business address listed on their site, it is an actual business location and not an online pharmacy. Their ownership is hidden however, likely because they do not have the necessary legal approvals.

This pharmaceutical website has the correct approval from several regulatory agencies, including the CIPA and Pharmacy Checker.

The CIPA is a Canadian-based organization that oversees pharmacy policies and assures the public of the safe dispensing of drugs online.

They also have the certification from the Pharmacy Checker, an American-based organization that provides independent analysis of online pharmacies and provides insight into the legitimacy of these pharmaceutical websites.

Featured Products

This drug store offers a wide range of products, all from local brands. From weight loss to women’s health, all the offerings are made available for customers to use.

For the most part, the products are affordable and effective. The company is willing to provide their products for very low costs despite the low prices. For example, the prices of Dolexicin, Viagra, and Cialis are very cheap.

You can track the status of your order using the company’s website. The company maintains a mailing address in the USA.

For more reliability, we have made a rule of thumb that you should not trust on the web. Hence, it has been decided to look for newer and more reliable online pharmacies.

CheapRx, one of the oldest and most reputable online pharmacies, still has a number of problems. As they always do it has to be a Canadian company. Therefore, their origin of these drugs may have been in Canada.

Brief Review

The domain details show that the site has been active for nearly two years. This means that the company has been operating for more than a decade, something that does not happen very often.

The website foundation is relatively new from the beginning. There are no publicly available records about the company. However, we found a whois.com address in the WHOIS database.

The company has a physical address in the city of Winnipeg in Canada. However, all the associated details are hidden for privacy.

Featured Products

The company also has a phone number that can be used for voice and faxing consultations. The phone line is open from 9:30 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon when most of the work is done.

A wide range of products are available at cheap rx. They include everything from common antibiotics such as doxycycline and amoxicillin to prescription drugs, children’s health and all kinds of medications.

Shipping to other countries is also possible using the regular shipping method only but it involves a charge of $10. This is still cheaper than the other shipping methods.

Since the online pharmacy store the website has been online for less than a year, it is also in danger of being a scam.

Healthcare App

The site is laden with a large number of references to its common healthcare products. I root against these claims, given their lack of independent verification. I wasn't able to find a trace of the domain name.

The site is an IP Certified good corporate and non-profit. In addition to that, it is an Approved Member of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

It is also an Approved member of CentrifyPharm.com and has been listed as a high-risk online pharmacy since 2016.

As you might expect, the platform is well-favoured to sell generic pills. There are a number of drugs which you can order from the store.

There is also a range of products which are over the counter, prescription only. The meds on offer are generic drugs, brand name meds.

  • MasterCard
  • Checks and International Money Orders

The site doesn't have reviews or testimonials from customers. This is surprising as many online pharmacies aim to have reviews from their users. This doesn't feel right.

This site is a drugstore website that sells generic as well as branded and branded meds. The store is owned by a company called PNX. The drugs they sell are FDA approved so far. I am curious to know if the drugs they have are genuine? Can you trust this store?

The domain was first registered on the 27th of April 2018 and last updated on the 10th of March 2004. They have a yearly fee of $120. They claim that they have a fully automated customer support team but I am wondering if they have any reply to the queries they receive?

This pharmacy is based on Canada, the USA, and China. The US means that the organization is US-based and that there is a problem with their customer support team.


In conclusion, cheap rx is an online pharmacy that claims to offer 24/7 customer support in addition to your drugstore. However, we highly doubt the credibility of the company as it is quite new. We give this store a rating of 2.7 out of 5.

This website is a pharmacy that caters to the entire medical industry. This online pharmacy offers different types of drugs, drug brands, and different payment methods. However, the majority of the drugs on this website are generic. This means that the company is not making any money from their sales. The majority of these medicines are purchased from India and are manufactured in India. There is also a lot of risk associated with this website.

The company claims to have a live chat support team that is willing to answer your questions in seconds. However, we were not able to access this online chat feature due to the fact that it is very new.

The drug store has recently started receiving reviews from the independent platforms. They have been giving free samples of their drugs to their customers. They have also been given a high rating by Trip Advisor.

The first one is that of a limited time offer. The company is giving away 5% discounts for their customers to try out.

Great discounts will not just stop at their free samples for their customers.