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Clear Sky Pharmacy Reviews Reflect On Their Credibility, Not On Their Merits As A Pharmacy.

15/12/2020 by

Clear Sky Pharmacy Reviews Reflect On Their Credibility, Not On Their Merits As A Pharmacy.

Clear sky pharmacy is an online drugstore that claims to offer 24/7 customer support. Everything seems fine and secure at the website. Unfortunately, the site is not a legit and it is not safe to use. Here is our detailed review.

The domain for this store was registered in February 2015. This may indicate that the pharmacy is a scam. It is also a little strange as there is no mention of where the store is located or who owns it.

This pharmacy does not provide any information about who has approved it. They only say that they are a Canadian Drugstore.

Two types of pills are available at this store. Type 1, which is a prescription medication, is sold in 25mg bottles. Consumers are only able to purchase the drug if they have a valid Rx from their doctor.

There are different styles of pills available at this store. They have anabolic steroids, testosterone, female sex hormones, human hormones, skin care and skincare products. They also have a generic and branded pills, but these are very expensive.

  • 40mg of 20 pills of Viagra are only $89.66, which is a very affordable price for the brand and generic product.
  • 10mg of 20 pills of Cialis are only $105.72, which is a premium product for the price of $105.72.

Currently, there are only two payment methods available from their website. They accept MasterCard and VISA cards as well.

This site does not have a testimonials page. So we can not find any feedback that might suggest that they are sending positive messages.

Also, there are no reviews on the Drugsverse.com website which is surprising considering how bright this pharmacy seems like it has a lot of potential.

This pharmacy is a rogue website that we have seen a few times before. They are using a fake business name that is probably just a false address. They do not have any licensed pharmacists or pharmacists have any idea where they are located.

Clear Sky Pharmacy Reviews 2021

They also provide a live support page where you may get random emails from the support team. There is also a contact form which you may fill out and submit your fraudulent information. I will not be happy if I’re not getting my product because it seems like a scam.

The domain name record (delayed delivery to you) shows that this pharmacy has been around since 2015. They have been around for over 4 years. I wonder if they are just trying to hide this information to avoid privacy concerns.

The pharmacy does not provide a contact number or an address where I can reach them. They only have a web form. Their live chat support team will not be happy if you ask them to.

Leading a Pharmacy Checker is a plus. As a Canadian business they know how important it is to be transparent. They should also be certified by something.org which is a nonprofit organization that promotes a level of customer service.

Clear Sky Pharmacy

There is not much information available on the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia. It is not clear where they are based, and where their operations are located.

A search on Scamadviser returned a low trust rating and an uncertain safety rating. This is contradictory to Pharmacy Checker.

Drugs for men are manufactured and distributed by a number of pharmaceutical companies located in Canada. These include:

  • Canada Wide Rx Drugstore
  • Merck
  • Pfizer
  • Lilly
  • Personal Check

Clear Sky Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Clear sky pharmacy is an online pharmacy that claims to offer FDA-approved generic drugs for all clinical, pharmaceutical, and consumer use. They also offer a wide range of alternative drug categories. I have gone through the FAQ and the main website to verify the website's claims and to find out if they are legal.

I was able to find out that the main website is a legit one. You have to register to be able to access the information you want and they ask for a valid prescription upon ordering. Customer support is also available via email, fax, phone and mail.

Also note, that the drugs are dispatched from India and other countries that are not original to the site.

Another user, Tiffany, was very pleased with receiving her package six days after placing her order. She thanked the pharmacy for an excellent service. She promised to reorder drugs from the site in the future.

Each month, they give a substantial discount on the prices of their generics through their 5% discount offer.

Additionally, they are offering 5% discount on the prices of their generics through their 10% discount offer.

I am very pleased with my experience of dealing with Big Mountain Drugs.

Business Profile Details

This online pharmacy claims to be a legit business. They have a business license and verification from NABP and LegitScript. They are also verifying their claim with the NYC Department of Financial Services.

An unapproved SSL certificate has been used to post on the site and, therefore, you can intercept some information from the site including your personal and card number.

Since the site is online, we have also made contact with them through their “contact us” page. It says that they have a team of two that is willing to provide a call center and provide customer support. They also encourage you to use their services whenever possible.

Clear Sky Pharmacy Prescription Requirements

Since the site is online, we are also checking the LegitScript.com website to see if it is a legitimate business. We have found that this pharmacy is an unapproved member of LegitScript.com.

Please understand, that the trusted rating given by LegitScript.com to this site is really low. We highly doubt if this online pharmacy is a legitimate business.

The pharmacy claims to offer a number of different medical treatments. They provide a background check in the footer section of the site. There is also a doctor sign-up form that you need to fill out to submit your prescription.

The meds offered by this e-store are out of stock. They are only more expensive than the normal market price.

The offer is “Great Price Savings” to buy your drugs online. You will save more if you buy with this pharmacy.

  • Personal Checks
  • International Money Orders
  • Wire Transfer
  • Diners Club

It is important to note that it is not possible to pay with a credit card if you live outside of the United States.

The shipping cost of this drug store is also $10, which is quite a lot higher than other online pharmacies.

Prescription Requirements

Type A Drugs are still valid after one year of age, although they are now much harder to find for sale online.

The pharmacy is required by the Bodies’ regulatory bodies to have a regulatory seal on their website. Other than that, they are also certified by CIPA and VeriSign.

They have also applied for and received Verified CIPA seal, which shows that they are operating their business legally.

There are pills offered here that are FDA approved, unlike the other online pharmacies who are not. They also offer low cost generic alternatives to the popular drug brands sold at the local pharmacy. They don’t sell an alternative product for some reason, though. Their only other product is a pack of 100 Viagra pills, which are cheap and easy to refill. They do have a hard-to-find discount coupon if you spend $200 you can apply online.

The site is secure and secured with SSL encryption, in a way that ensures your personal and card information can’t be stolen when you enter the site. If you have a debit card you can pay through that. Once you spend your orders they will deliver it to your doorsteps in approximately 3-8 business days with delivery in up to 6 weeks. Shipping costs $10 if you buy 200mg worth of Viagra worth $299.

Shipping is free in the USA. They only charge $10 for shipping wherever you are based. Their website says that the courier is usually delivered within 10-21 days.

Clear Sky Pharmacy Reviews 2021

Bringing this site back online is not impossible, but there is a lot of factors which push it back. They do not have SSL encryption and they offer the same low quality generic alternatives to Viagra. This raises the risk that you could get scammed.

This pharmacy have a lot to fear from other online pharmacies who are not following the rules set out by the Bodies. This site is a new one to us as it does not have a huge amount of online traffic.

They also have a problem with fake customer reviews that we have seen. They have tried to get the fake reviews removed from the site, but they do not have the resources to do that.


The fact that prices are relatively low and the fact that their drugs are FDA approved go to show you that you can get good quality drugs from this website. You cannot go wrong with this website.

Clear sky pharmacy is a pharmacy that claims to have customers purchasing drugs from them at prices 100% less than what other pharmacies sell. They give you the choice of either paying with a bank transfer or a credit card. No wonder they are popular with online shoppers because they have cost-effective prices for their drugs.

The deal they are offering is the cheapest online option to order drugs from, including the Local Drugstore variety. They offer a few drug categories that are available on their site, such as drug addiction treatment, male enhancement, blood pressure and erectile dysfunction drugs.

Their delivery is guaranteed to be top-quality so you are guaranteed your orders will arrive, intact and undamaged. You can use their email shipping and phone support, as well as their live chat. The only downside to the drugs they offer is that they do not ship to every continent on Earth although they hope to have customers from all over the World.

I am glad to see reviews for the website. I have often found reviews posted on pharmacy checkers and the like to be disappointing, and so I decided to make my own. I found this one on platform 77%, praising them for the "great service" they offer and even suggesting that they should be licensed to dispense drugs.

I found this one on platform Rant-Online-Pharmacy, who stated that they had received their orders and are "very pleased". They even expressed their appreciation for the free samples on every order.

I found this one on platform Scamadviser, who gave a low estimate of the site’s popularity. They even suggested that this website could be based in the United States, for reasons unknown to me.

I found this one on platform Snoflix, who gave a very low review for this store and gave the store 3/4 stars instead.

I found this one on TijuanaJunkie.com, awarding it 1 star because of the free sample delivery and mentioned that they had received their orders.

Since the above reviews are negative, I decided to check more reports posted on various online platforms. This report from platform Snoflix gave a very low rating for this online pharmacy, and the fact that it is hosted on a US server.

And this one from platform Scamadviser gave a very low rating for this store and also mentioned that they had received their orders.