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Doctor Solve Review – A Comically False Online Pharmacy

17/01/2021 by

Doctor Solve Review – A Comically False Online Pharmacy

Doctor solve is a domain name that was blacklisted eight years ago. It is a Canadian pharmacy that provides affordable generic drugs at the lowest price possible. Due to the blacklisted status, many people are considering to not use it as a source for their medications.

However, since the domain was already blacklisted a few years ago, it was unlikely for more people to visit the site during those eight years. The domain is one of the few remaining blacklisted domains that still works during daytime hours, 7 days a week.

Since they do not offer an address, we are only able to find their location from their Legitscript profile. It states that they are operating from the United States of America.

The online store is not as user-friendly as it used to be though. They had an online form and phone number. You had to provide an email address to reach them.

Despite the good reviews for this drug store, several online pharmacies have recently closed their accounts and closed down due to fraud and illegal activities. The reason for these pharmacies to close down is due to the legitimate complaints against them.

Moreover, there are no reviews for some time too which means there is no way for us to verify the authenticity of a certain website.

We have decided to review doctor solve one more time, this review will give you an overview of the website, where they are based and what customers say about them.

The site has a modern website design that is easy to browse and follow. Furthermore, they have a video that goes along with it that shows the whole process of ordering the drugs and managing them.

The pharmacy is based in Ontario, Canada as shown on their website. They also have a phone number that you can use if you have any queries.

The pharmacy is using the seals for the organization Canadian International Pharmacy Association on the site. This means that it is a member of this organization and wants to be trusted.

The organization has been approved by Canada's Board of Pharmacy and they are also working with a real-time verification system to make sure that they are not being scammed.

The pharmacy offers a wide range of depression and other mental health medications.

Negative Testimonials

Another testimonial was from a woman who said she had been taking the drug for eight years and had never once had an adverse reaction to it. She said she always experienced high blood pressure relief, immune system stimulation, rest and relaxation, and enhanced heart rate variability regardless of the individual's activity level.

My recommendation would be to give this website a try if only you can find not one but TWO other genuine sites to accept your payments and have your medication shipped from.

Delivery Timeline

When it comes to the refunds, the company does provide a money back guarantee. When you receive an incorrect product, you can claim the online store through which you received it.

There are no reviews available on websites such as Scamadviser and Scamner, which shows that this online pharmacy is unlikely to be involved in any fraudulent activities.

This company has not been featured in any other scams analysis platform, apart from scamner.com, which makes it unreliable. It is very difficult to trust a website whose profile is so low.

Much like the other online stores that are advertising low prices, the drugstore offers a variety of discount offers that are not mentioned on their website.

  • A discount of up to 25% on your next order.
  • An extra 4 pills of Viagra or Cialis for men who are taking other medications.
  • Free cialis insertions on any order.

Doctor Solve Reviews 2021

Doctor solve is a pharmacy that claims to offer high-quality drugs. It promotes itself as being operated by a licensed pharmacy. It offers the following services:

  • Prescription assistance
  • Drug monitoring
  • FDA approved drugs

It also claims to offer a money-back guarantee and offer a 90% discount. We review this store and find the claims to be questionable.

The domain for this store has an expiration date of 2000. This seems like a long time, but it could be an attempt to deceive customers who are more concerned with their financial situation.

The company is owned by a group of Canadians that have been operating since 2002. They claim to have been licensed and insured under the same pharmacy in the state of Manitoba, Canada.

The organization that runs this pharmacy is known as NABP/Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

Business Profile Details

All of the records of this online pharmacy are in Electronic Signatures Analysis (ESA). This is a standard method used by several other Canadian pharmacies to hide their real identity.

However, there is no evidence that this pharmacy is a member of any regulatory bodies or associations.

Although the general public has access to the information about this online pharmacy, there are some legal rules that need to be obeyed when doing business in the United States.

For example, it is illegal to ship goods across international borders with this site without prior approval. The pharmacy also violates storage and shipping requirements and also dishonestly displays their business license.

This drugstore offers a wide range of pills for different applications. This includes anti-anxiety and erectile dysfunction drugs, as well as some pain relievers, alcohol and rights of care.

As per the pharmacy’s website, it has brand-name products for every major active ingredient of Viagra and Cialis. The website also informs us that it has generic alternatives for similar products such as Kamagra and Anacin.

The pharmacy does not require its customers to provide a valid prescription for their products. However, it strongly suggests that it is a good idea to try it out before buying.

The website charges a flat rate of $3.95 USD for each pill. This is a very low price considering that it can sell the products at less than 1% of its normal price.

This drugstore does not provide any coupon codes. However, it does offer special offers and discounts.

The website accepts payments made through major credit card processors. The pharmacy also has a secure payment portal.

The shipping costs are extremely cheap considering the fact that it only requires a few hours to process the order and the estimated delivery time is around 2 weeks.

No reviews were available on the internet for this pharmacy. It was only found in rare cases on third-party review platforms.

This is the big question that you should be asking yourself before you make a purchase on this website.

Doctor Solve Customer Support

To conclude, doctor solve is a pharmacy whose products are not of high quality. It is also operating illegally. The fact that it is operating from Canada must be avoided as it is involved in cross border smuggling and money laundering activities.

Doctor Solve Reviews 2021

The domain records show that the website address for the drug store was first registered in 2012 and since then has been updated with the latest information. This doesn’t mean that the business has been successful in running its business for more than ten years however. The fact that they are still online has not been established.

The domain’s registration date is also found to be from a new registrar who doesn’t plan to renew their registration until 2004.

This pharmacy doesn’t have a physical address or a contact number on their website. They instead provide a business address in the Czech Republic. A search on Google Maps reveals no information about this online pharmacy.

The Pharmacymantra.com website does not have any certification regarding its legitimacy. This implies that the company is not operating legally and this is a worrying sign.

The IABB does have some regulatory approval though. They have the seal of approval from CIPA on their site.

The pharmacy deals with a range of products for men’s health. They offer generic and branded medications as well as pre-packaged pills that are ideal for the consumption.

  • Anti-allergies
  • Depression
  • Bacterial
  • Men’s health
  • Cancer
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol-regulating agents

They do have a third party verification program that you can use called Trustpilot that guarantees your safety especially during transactions. They have a certain percentage on the site that is issued by Trustpilot as well.

Doctor Solve Customer Support

The support team of this pharmacy is what is needed to refill your prescription. It consists of Healthcare Professionals who will be checking your details, getting to know you, and helping you make payments if needed. The team will be constantly checking to see if you are fit to use the drug you want to order. As a result, this website can be dependent on you to keep up with the web updates about your orders.

We conclude that they should be disqualified from operating in the state of Pennsylvania, considering the fact that they are not properly registered and do not have any licensed pharmacist that can advise them about the correct use of the drug they are using.

This pharmacy is a pharmacy that offers a reasonable price and is backed by a trustworthy business. They say that they offer a balanced product range and a wide range of prescription drugs. We investigate whether these claims are accurate or not. Is it a good pharmacy to use? We answer these questions in this article.

The domain name record for this pharmacy’s address shows us that they have been operating for less than a year. The owner’s details are hidden. The name of the pharmacy is provided as “United States based company was given as “doctor solve”.

The problem is that we don’t know who is really running the business. The owner could be using a protection service to hide their identity. This is why they have chosen to keep their information out of the public record.

This pharmacy has a professional looking website that is free from the typical design elements that we come to expect from a pharmacy. The site is a simple design with simple colors and a white background.

On the other hand, a search on Google Maps reveals that this drug store is located in the Philadelphia region of Pennsylvania.

This is a good sign for the pharmacy because it shows that there is a lot of competition for their services.


From the above analysis, we can clearly conclude that there is a huge chance that the domain the website has been compromised. This is a serious issue that will have a significant effect on the integrity of this pharmacy. It is a bad step down a dark path that is quite clear to anyone that has ever looked hard enough. We can only hope that it is caught up in the right direction before it is too late.

The pharmacy is doing a promotion where they are giving away a limited edition license to use their logo for free. The license is also valid for three years.

Nathan was a customer who tried the site out several times and said that he was never disappointed. He said that the pharmacy is safe and he had a great experience. The customer also thanked the company for the great service he received from them.

“Amazing service. Customer service was great. Follow up was excellent. I received my package in 10 days with lots of extras.