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For Him S Review - A Rogue, Unsafe And Unapproved Online Pharmacy

09/02/2021 by

For Him S Review - A Rogue, Unsafe And Unapproved Online Pharmacy

For him s is a pharmacy that seems to be offering quality products with a reasonable price tag. They give away free pills of varying strengths and the like in their promotions. The website also claims to offer 24/7 customer support as well as according to their site that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

They have a lot of claims and I want to check if they are true. I will be doing a thorough test of this store in the next part of this article.

This means that the pharmacy hasn’t been operating for very long, if ever. They have a dubious record and they are also using common tricks to hide their real identity.

The owner country is mentioned as being from Canada while the website is claiming to be operating from New York.

The website provides a full list of their drugs which is available for ordering and offers discounts on top of the generic drugs. They promise to match any price offered by other online pharmacies.

This pharmacy operates from a licensed Canadian business that provides medical services to the residents of Prince William County, Ontario, Canada.

Drugs are shipped from pharmacies located in Canada, but you can also buy their drugs from countries like Finland, Sweden, and even India.

  1. Credit Cards - this is to be able to pay for their medications with your credit card and have them sent directly to your door step.
  2. Debit Cards - this is also accepted
  3. E-checks - they provide you a code that lets you pay
  4. Checks - you can also use this method to pay their products

The website is secure so you can use Enterprise and Safe Sockets Layer security. They also have a verified SSL certification from McAfee and GeoTrust.

Canadian Pharmacy Inc. Has a testimonial page for their customers to post on. The page has over 100 comments from customer testimonials.

Coupon Codes

All their customers also enjoy discounted prices for their medications which is great news for them as they don’t have as much as the usual costs for their drugs. Some of the exclusives that they have include Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra, and several other ED pills.

I would give them a 5% discount on their next order and would say that they are perfect to use for recurring payments. They offer their customer service team a great deal and deserve 5% for the help they give customers.

For Him S Regulatory Approval

I would also say that their customer support and guarantee of a five percent discount is perfect and I will use them as a great online pharmacy for all of my medicine purchases to come to fruition.

I am giving this drug store 5% for the help they provide. I would not buy from them now but I will recommend them to my friends who will be ordering from them so long as they are helpful to the customer.

The shop is probably one of the most reliable and most trustworthy online pharmacies I’ve ever dealt with. I have been a complete novice to online medicine sales so I was expecting a bit of an introduction from a review but instead I came across a short statement from a company spokeswoman in which she stated the following:

This was great because immediately I was interested in knowing the company and its current products and services. The customer care representatives were helpful in answering my questions but I still wanted to know more about how the company treats its customers.

Delivery Timeline

Delivery timelines vary according to the type of delivery you receive. At present, 3-9 days are the average time it takes for a parcel to reach your door. If you live in Europe, deliveries are generally faster than in the US. If your package is delayed for more than 21 days, you should get some compensation. The shipping costs vary depending on the value of the package.

The money paid for the delivery also includes the delivery insurance. If the parcel is valued at $200, the insurance is free.

This store has a customer support team ready to assist you through phone and email. However, the store also points out that it uses a live support chat which could mean that the communication is not 100% reliable.

This pharmacy has an online pharmacy section full of love from their customers. You will find reviews from high-profile customers like the following:

For him s seems like a good place to shop from. They have a wide range of products available and offer great customer service. However, there are some issues with the store.

There is no guarantee that your payment will be charged and their customer support team are unreliable. You should not use this pharmacy for your medical needs.

Regulatory Approval

Robotic medicine companies have a lot of regulatory approval from various regulatory authorities as well as the United States government. These approvals allow them to operate legally and also protect them from possible government scrutiny.

Due to the unfavorable regulatory approvals, there is a lot of uncertainty about the quality of the medicines which can negatively impact buyers.

Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy does not accept credit cards and instead uses a secure payment gateway. The company would like you to keep in mind though that cryptocurrencies are only at the very start stages so there might be some risk associated with them.

Robotic medicine companies are known for not having reviews from third party sites. This is because the company does not get a lot of traffic and it is also difficult for companies to gain popularity from independent review sites.

Unfortunately though, there are no testimonials on the website. This might be because the company does not receive too many visitors.

We highly suggest you try this company and if you do not find a good deal, then use one of the regulated online drug sellers available today.

This drugstore is a drug manufacturer that has been in existence since 2018. It is a Canadian pharmacy that sources its products from Canada, a USA based country. This says a lot about the pharmacy's policy and operations and raises questions about their legitimacy.

The common pharmacological component of the products they sell is ED drug. A pill of the ED 50 mg can give you back an erection of up to 36 hours but if you buy it in a pack of 10 (240 tabs), you will only get one erectile dysfunction (ED)-related treatment.


I am only able to give an overall rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 for this pharmacy. I think its a bit risky to trust this store given their recent history of existence. I will not recommend it to anyone.

There is also no way to verify these claims and other expressions so you have to take this site with a pinch of salt as they are just stating the facts which is not enough to judge.

What is more strange is that there is no mention of prescription refills below the pharmacy website.

You can make online payments using money orders, bank transfers, and credit cards. The problem is that this pharmacy website is using a valid SSL certificate and is safe to use.

Shipping is via Airmail and EMS but the shipping costs are very expensive. They offer a tracking number though.

There is no information about how to contact the customer support team of this company. They say that they have telephone numbers, a live chat and email.

There are no reviews available about this pharmacy on any third party websites. It means that they either don’t have a large number of customers or they are lying about their customer support team.

To conclude, I cannot recommend this drugstore because of their non-existent customer feedback. They have no regulation and offer no guarantee of quality.