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Gen Scripts Reviews - A Possible Fraud

13/12/2020 by

Gen Scripts Reviews - A Possible Fraud

Gen scripts is a Canadian online pharmacy that claims to sell genuine products. The site has a bright and cheerful website that is easy to use. However, if you are looking to purchase a certain number of pills you should first check if they really sell that many.

However, as cheap as they may look they are actually more dangerous than they may imagine. They carry out a lot of their transactions in a very small area, not being able to provide much detail on where they are based. They do not have a physical address which is usually found with online pharmacies.

This site is also not approved by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia which means that their drugs may not be 100% safe for use.

As you may already be aware, health insurance companies can offer considerable discounts on their website. This is because they are required by law to disclose the amount of money a customer would save if they purchased from them. This means that they have a substantial incentive to get people to buy coverage.

However, this drugstore has no such restrictions, offering the world wide web the opportunity to get their medicines for very affordable prices.

Gen scripts is a Canadian online store that sells generic and brand name drugs across various categories. They have a policy of no prescription in effect which means there is no obligation from the customer on their part to provide them with a prescription.

GenScripts are from the United States and are registered by CIPA as an online pharmacy. Although their location is not entirely clear, the store is usually located in the USA. Controlling drug prices is an important issue in the current environment as pharmaceutical costs are increasing due to the very low prices of generic drug manufacturers.

The drugs they sell are approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are marketed to the US. They offer generic and brand name medications. They have licensed pharmacists in the store who are ready to assist you with any questions.

This drug store is an online store that claims to offer the most reliable and highest quality generic drugs. However, our investigations reveal that this pharmacy is actually involved with a scam where fake pills are offered to lure clients online.

Offering drugs from India and Pakistan, the pharmacy also has a trademark on the name Collective Mind, an online pharmacy that is associated with many other rogue pharmacies.

Gen Scripts Reviews & Testimonials

On their website, they have also mentioned that they have secured more than 1 million products within the last 10 years. To know more about the product selection of this store, please check this:

Membership is also free for new clients that choose to become members. This means that they can have discounts and additional products that they would be making available to the wider market.

The domain name record for this online pharmacy indicates that they haven’t been online for very long. Pharmacies that have been in existence for a few years are more likely to be a fraud than one who has been around for your protection.

Pharmacy 24/7 has been around for over 7 years, first launched in October 2007, then discontinued in March 2009. Their new store is opening up very soon so this could be the reason for their continued operation.

Their domain is also available on other online pharmacies as well, all of which we have reason to believe are fake.

Gen Scripts Promotions

There are many other ways for you to save if you’re a customer of the pharmacy. They have limited-time offers that allow you to secure discounts in the long run, such as giving special discount codes and free shipping for orders more than $200. They also have a limited-time offer with the opportunity to purchase a set of ED medications, so it might be a good idea to look into the discounts.

In addition to the special offers, they also have special coupons available as part of the promotion, which are able to help you get even more savings if you’re a regular customer.

This is a legit pharmacy, providing medicines according to Pharma-world rules and regulations, as well as the money back guarantee guaranteed by the pharmacy.

This review will show you how to choose the right pharmacy to trust, whether you prefer to know or not, how to eat a wholesome and healthy diet.

If you are looking for a generic drug that has a longer shelf life, a more reliable delivery and has a favorable price, the company gen scripts should be your first choice. Although they are a US based company, they have a presence in more than 30 countries of the world.

Gen Scripts

The company has a Pharmacy Checkout to make sure that the drugs that they sell are valid. The company is also approved by the CIPA Rx Checklisting Program.

Medications Offered

The offer of a discount on all the product prices by 50% is very attractive. However, I am not sure if this offer is valid or not.

Customers are able to pay for their orders using credit cards from the major credit card processing companies such as Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. The online pharmacy accepts payments by VISA, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club. Shipping is via Trackable Courier Service for $9.95. Special Shipping is available for orders delivered in less than 12 weeks.

All the reviews posted on their site are generally favorable. However, I do not trust on the vendor's word because they do not have a date of posting their reviews. The testimonials are also very generic. This implies that you of course can associate them to certain suspicious websites.

For a pharmacy to be a legitimate and safe place to purchase drugs, it has to receive a valid license, operating permit, and other legal approvals from various regulatory agencies. The pharmacy does not have any of these certifications from various agencies. I find it suspicious that this store uses a fake testimonials to deceive the customers. It is also not safe to buy drugs from this store because there is a very high chance of being swindled into making a purchase.

The domain of Pharmacy Mall was first registered on the 9th of July 2019. By the same, it has three years of experience in the industry.

Only sell drugs of the highest quality that are manufactured in Canada by leading pharmaceuticals. So, I would say that the pharmacy is a reputable one.

However, the owner of the pharmacy has not been registered for quite some time. This is surprising for a website that claims to be a drugstore for life. I am not sure if this is just an operational error or if some entity is trying to scam their customers.

Regulatory Approval

Yes, all orders are completely safe as the pharmacy operates from a reliable third party service. That service is known as Secure platforms.

This pharmacy has received rave reviews from its customers on the web. The customers seem happy with the services that they offer with most of the reviews very happy for ordering from this store.

To conclude, this website offers financial support through the use of a valid credit card. They also have a good service team that provides updates via phone and email.

  • Depakote, an opioid medication
  • Narcan, a drug that helps people with opioid addiction
  • Zolpidem, an anti-anxiety medication

Taking a look at the Norton Verified Secured badge, it seems like there are some issues with this pharmacy. The website seems to be operating from India. We don’t know whether the drugs are Indian-FDA approved.

The website also uses a dummy account to hide their real location, leaving us to doubt the authenticity of this website.

Prescription Requirements

The pharmacy claims that it has been authorized by the FDA. The pharmacy also claims that all of the medications on the website were successfully evaluated by the agency and are accurate representations of their contents. However, we are strongly questioning if these statements are true considering the fact that the site is very new with very low engagement and no social media accounts. This is a huge red flag as it means that they are using it as a scam to deceive unsuspecting customers.

  • Bitcoin
  • Credit cards
  • E-Check
  • PayPal

Shipping is a choice between standard and express delivery. Regular shipping takes between 2 and 4 days. The express option takes between 3 and 8 days.

  • Depressants
  • Fluoxetine
  • Haloperidol
  • Valtrex

Even though they claim to have over 2009 customer reviews, there is not much information shared from the site on how they can be verified. Their testimonials are mostly positive, however.

On the face of it, the website is a fairly new site with very limited information about them. This makes it seem like a real company. However, there is no evidence that they are genuine and are approved by any body.

Gen Scripts

We feel that this drugstore website is a fake. They have no regulation and should not be trusted as they do not have any verification about them.

We do not recommend this pharmacy website to anyone because of the very limited information that we've found about them.

Their drugs are generated in Canada and they ship the drugs from the US and other countries and they use EMS shipping methods that are safe and secure.

Elaborate Customer Care Services

The site is also offering a money back guarantee which means they will reship or refund the customer if they are not satisfied. They can also visit them at their physical location which is listed on the site.

This pharmacy is interesting as they have no regulated licensing and they are using a fake address. We also don’t have much information about them which makes us doubt them. For this reason, this is a good quality of pharmacy.

They want to get you more comfortable using their website so they can develop a sustainable business.

Gen scripts claims to provide quality medical supplies to anyone who wants them. This drugstore is using a technique called magnetification in the stocks to give them extra strength.

They have a point with their claim of using magnetic particles that can lift objects and cause paralysis. When you apply the skin or tissue of an infected person you can expect some reaction from the site.

These testimonials appear on a lot of other online pharmacies as well. It makes us question how trustworthy this pharmacy is.

The site can be accessed from several different websites. This is good because getting to many online stores is a bit of a pain.

They also have a fulfillment center in the states. This is where orders are shipped to your door. They only work with licensed pharmacies.

This online drugstore is using a call center to get their customer’s help and concern. They provide telephone, fax, email and mail services for the business.

They provide talk and email support for the pharmacy. They also provide online consultation for the community.

If you have had problems with your order you can contact them through their online form or by calling them at 1-800-745-7275.


The domain age of this pharmacy store is about 9 years, 3 months which suggests that it may not be safe for buying drugs. They have a good bounce back year especially when you factor the fact that the site was formed less than a year ago.

This pharmacy store seems to be based in the United Kingdom but can be more easily accessed by visiting them from anywhere in the world.

The pharmacy has a verified business license from the National Health Service. This license does not only apply to them but also to all of their subsidiaries and affiliates. They are also fulfilling a lot of legal requirements and this industry is very regulated in the UK.

They do seem to be limited to a certain size and shape, although they are clever enough to get away with using fake images to try and attract customers.

They do require a valid prescription in order to buy medication from the pharmacy and this needs to be sent to be approved by the UK.

When you get to the checkout page you are redirected to another website which comes with a flat rate of £5 for every order you make. The other site gives you a discount of up to 5% however.

There is only one shipping option that costs £10 and it is this one which usually takes between 10 and 14 days to arrive. The delivery option within this offer can be tracked by their free download of new software.