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Gogo Meds Reviews - Reasonably Priced Products

16/03/2021 by

Gogo Meds Reviews - Reasonably Priced Products

Gogo meds is a licensed online pharmacy that has licensed its healthcare professionals for his entire career. The company has been operating since 2004. It has a wide range of quality generic and branded medicines. The prices of the generics are slightly higher as compared to the branded ones but you will get the same high-quality drugs at GogoMeds.

A 10% discount is also available for customers who purchase Viagra and Cialis in equal or larger quantities. When it comes to your order, the larger the quantity you buy the greater the discount.

Gogo meds is a Canadian pharmacy operating from 2146 Beech Street in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Today, we review the shop, an online pharmacy that guarantees high-quality products and customer service.

The domain for this drugstore was first registered on the 10th of May 2011 and updated last on the 6th of May 2019.

The domain age is 2 years and 35 days, which is very long for a new product launch. This drugstore seems to be genuine with no issues.

This online pharmacy has a professional looking website which is constructed using a professional website font and colour scheme. It is trialled in Canada and is secured with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

The shop is operated by the Pharmacy Direct Group, which is owned by a charity. The charity is known for providing quality medicines to low income communities. While this may be a positive in looking toward longer service use, we must watch out for other issues.

Gogo meds is registered by the Canada-based organization known as Canadian Pharmacy Direct.

Gogo Meds

Gogo Meds Coupon Codes

The site provides medicines for all medical conditions for which they are certified. They offer branded meds for erectile dysfunction, male enhancement, anti-allergic drugs, pain medication, and bodybuilding drugs. Their generic meds are cheaper, but when compared to other online pharmacies they are more expensive.

They do not have a live chat feature, but they provide you with a phone number and email address. They give you 24/7 customer support through the phone and email. They also offer a live support team that responds to your questions and concerns within 24 hours.

Gogo Meds Reviews 2021

The website offers a wide array of products in brand and pill form, with the latter two being the most popular as they are more accessible to the general public. GogoMeds claims that all of their drugs come from India, though the exact location of the companies is unknown. They also mention that they don’t require a prescription upon ordering, though they encourage you to talk to a doctor before starting treatment.

Gogo meds has a lot to offer as they claim more than 30 million consumers are buying from them. And though you would imagine that since they are offering generic medicines, generic drugs would be cheaper, in fact, they are selling brand-name drugs which are more expensive.

There are, however, plenty of negative reviews with many customers stating that they do not recommend their products to their friends or even try them for their own medical needs.

Prescription Requirements

It is very difficult to procure a valid prescription for the use of this drug, which requires that you be at least 21 years of age. This is in addition to the other requirements that are required by the pharmacy to make sure that you are legally allowed to purchase their drugs.

The majority of orders are shipped using Airmail, a fast and convenient way to get to and from their destinations. It has a total delivery time of only 10 days and only costs $10.

All shipments come from India, with the main centre being in India. The pharmacy says that they do not accept any payment methods and all payments are secure. The drugs are not shipped to the US.

Gogo Meds

This drugstore claims to have a 24/7 customer support team that is ready to respond to your enquiries and concerns. They also have a mailing address in India, which is great.

At first, we thought that this pharmacy was dead, but on further examination, we realised that this isn’t actually the case. They have over 2,000 customer reviews and testimonials on their Facebook page. This shows that customers are very happy with the drugstore.

The reviews are all positive and there is overwhelming evidence that this pharmacy is a legit operator.

Why would this pharmacy not be a favorite amongst the online pharmacies? The answer is obvious. They do not have much popularity on Facebook.

This pharmaceutical website is a legit operator of their own drugs, as they have many customers confirming its legitimacy.

They have a great selection in the store which makes ordering easier as they will be adding more drugs to their shelves as needed. They are also very transparent about their business; giving the whole information about where they are sourcing their drugs from.

This drugstore is a mystery website that claims to be a platform for authentic online consultations from doctors. However, after verifying the domain registration details, we can confirm that it belongs to an illegal affiliate program. The domain has been restricted to private browsing and we cannot guarantee its location.


The pharmacy is an online pharmacy that sells a wide assortment of generic and branded medicines for various applications. Apart from the generic drugs that are mostly manufactured in India, this website also has brand-name drugs from leading Indian pharmaceutical companies.

Gogo Meds Prescription Requirements

Like most online pharmacies, this one is using a secure and valid SSL certificate. If you want to shop from this site, you are required to create your own password, and you can use a combination of letters and numbers if you need to get your banking details cleared.

The store is not a hidden website, and it is not associated with any illegal activities. You need not worry about your financial information being stolen by scammers and other scammers who have been using this site for years.

Gogo meds offers a 5% discount on generic drugs and 10% discount on branded drugs. However, there is a catch with this offer.

The sites about to come up on this page are legit and safe to use. This also means that the previous ones are safe and true as you have been vetted and approved by the authority.

We have found that the domain gogomeds.com was registered in 2005. The domain was also last updated on 2018-07-17. From these findings, we can confirm that the store is operating for a new year.

Since it is unusual for a domain to be registered for so long, we have also checked if it has been in use by other pharmacies before. Apart from her mother-run pharmacy, a few pharmacy sites are registered using this domain.

This store is registered through a third-party company called Northwest Health Group Inc. They are also using a seal from Icahn Private Equity to complete their relationship with the United States Department of Homeland Security.

On Scamadviser, this online pharmacy has a trust score of 85% which indicates that it is safe to use.