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Mail My Prescriptions Reviews – A Lackluster Springbok Buyer

28/02/2021 by

Mail My Prescriptions Reviews – A Lackluster Springbok Buyer

Mail my prescriptions is a popular online pharmacy that sells generic and branded medicines to their customers. They offer to ship to almost all countries in the world except USA, Canada, and some countries where delivery is free.

However, this provider is more popular in the market since they offer different products with all their products. They offer branded Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra, Levitra, Propecia, and some generic variants of these drugs.

There are a lot of problems that this online pharmacy has. How could this company ship out such a small number of products? The quality of their drugs is almost half of what they claim. Why would they ship to an island in the Caribbean when they could just have one of their Thai based representatives in Thailand to handle the shipping? What is wrong with the shipping that they are receiving from this company? It is all wrong.

Scamner has a rate of 94% that they are very popular among their customers. Their mention of the website in the search results says that they have been in business for more than two years. Their claim of serving more than 900 online pharmacies in 50 states of the USA should also raise their eyebrows.

Featured Products

The shop has a wide range of products available on the shop, with an emphasis on customers at home and abroad.

Features such as a live support team are common on other online pharmacies and this is something that could be found on this shop.

There is a lot to like about this online pharmacy (it does not require a prescription), especially since it offers high quality medicines at very reasonable prices. It also has a very wide array of products available and it offers a few additional drugs on some of the medicines.

Overall, mail my prescriptions is a great store to be on since it offers quality products at very reasonable costs, while maintaining their strong customer service support team.

The website is a leading provider of affordable drugs online. With over 10 years of experience in business, the pharmacy has made it easy for its customers to place orders and sell their products. Here are some of the interesting facts about the drug store.

  1. Product Offers: The pharmacy has a wide array of generic and branded products that are available in the store. The pharmacy also has generic and brand brand name analogues for the expensive drugs that can be purchased online.
  2. Available Products: the pharmacy has a wide array of generic and branded drugs available for sale. They offer both brand and generic variants for the expensive drugs to make it more appealing to the customers.
  3. Payment and Shipping Methods: You can pay for your drugs using credit cards and debit cards from the major credit card processing companies such as Visa, Mastercard, and all the major debit card processors such as JCB, DHL, and ACH.
  4. mail my prescriptions has the best shipping methods available, including Trackable Courier Service (Track-CIA), which allows you to track your shipment for up to 21 days even when it is still in the country of shipment.

This website offers affordable medicines that are approved by the Indian FDA. It also provides insurance coverage for its customers, helping them to reduce their costs as much as possible. The pharmacy uses reputable doctors to provide reliable care to its customers which is essential to avoid any medical conditions that may arise due to the poor quality and cheap prices of the medicines.

Registered Owners

There are two shipping methods. Airmail and EMS. Before placing your order, however, you must be approved by a pharma professional.

The site is a Canadian pharmacy that has been operating for 9 years. They offer safe and effective medicines. Their website, however, is not fully optimized so you may experience some lag while making transactions.

They have a Pharmacy Checker Certificate from which to verify your concerns. They offer 24/7 customer support. You can use their contact form to get in contact with them anytime.

Interested in other reviews, we tried to find a reliable online vendor who has been operating for over 11 years.

We found the following review on The Trustpilot. The information found here is based on a third party website. The site is not affiliated with any pharmaceuticals in Canada.

Mail My Prescriptions

The site is based in Canada and has been operating since 2010. There are six pharmacies in the largest city in the United States. We also found this review on Legit Script.

The pharmacy offers a reason for every purchaser to enter their coupon code in the "Coupon Code" section.

This pharmacy offers high-quality generic prescription drugs at competitive prices, perfect for the patients who wish to save more.

Business Profile

The platform has Certifications from CIPA and also the Anti-Virus company from Norton.com. With this you can rest assured that your financial details are safe as the platform uses a 256-bit SSL pad to encrypt all the information that you enter on their site.

Additionally, the platform has support team that can answer your questions and provide helpful assistance.

  1. Anti-viral
  2. Anti-fungal
  3. Anti-fDA
  4. Erectile dysfunction treatment
  5. Heart disease treatment
  6. Birth control
  7. Mental health treatment

Currently, the pharmacy offers a wide range of generic and branded pills. There is a pharmacy on prescription from AIN for customers to use. However, the company does not offer any proof of prescription to back their claim.

There are no reviews on the web about this e-commerce platform. Therefore, no one can validate the authenticity of the business. However, a scam adviser analysis shows the site to be very risky.

No, this is a rogue pharmacy that uses deceptive means to deceive the customers. The company openly states on its website that it is a Canadian business. Additionally, it claims to offer the lowest price Guaranteed. Additionally, it offers 24/7 customer support when you need help with any problem. In fact, they have a phone number that you can use to get in contact with them.

To conclude, this drug store claims to offer 24/7 customer support when you need it. However, our investigation proves the web experience is very poor and the quality of their services is poor. Also, they only sell generic drugs and do not provide any prescriptions for that purpose. We could not recommend this company.

Prescription Requirements

We don’t have a coupon for this pharmacy, but you may find some discounts and special offers as well.

We don’t offer any discount codes for this store, but you may want to consider savings should take advantage of the discounts available.

  1. Use our discount code: 10%
  2. Use our coupon: 5%
  3. Use our coupon for the day: 5%

Discounts are not available on their own, but you may want to consider using some of the offer codes if you are buying medication directly from this store.

They also have a section for testimonials if you wish to leave them on the site. There are 24 hourly reviews and more than 200 customer endorsements.

They also do not have a pharmacy receipt, which is a requirement to dispense meds from any programmatic website.

Mail My Prescriptions Prescription Requirements

They may have some regulation, but we need more proof before we would consider this pharmacy for our drugstore.

  1. mail my prescriptions Reviews
  2. this drug store Reviews - Plus, they offer freebie pills and additional discounts

Don’t let their lack of customer reviews fool you. They are one of the most trusted pharmacies on the web. The need for verification is obvious as they do not have a single customer review on their own web page.

This site is very popular with buyers because of their cheap prices and excellent service. They also offer free shipping for most orders, which is a big incentive for customers to place orders.

But what we dislike with this pharmacy is that they do not have a proper business license.

Mail My Prescriptions Coupon Codes

The drug store is an online pharmacy that claims to offer worldwide shipping and a 365-day satisfaction guarantee. They also offer delivery worldwide and say that their store is approved by the FDA. I am combing the internet for information on this store, finding nothing. I have tried looking at other pharmacies, but couldn’t find anything. They are not registered by any authorities.

I don’t know who started this pharmacy but it seems like it was an anonymous seller. It doesn’t say where they are located or what they specialize in.

I would have liked to know if they had any reviews on the internet so I could detect whether they are genuine or not.

This pharmacy was closed down because they did not meet the criteria for a genuine online seller. I don’t know what the criteria are but this seems like a suspicious site.

I find this store to be speculative at best. They are not registered by any of the required authorities. They do not provide any information about where they are located in the world.


This is the end result of all these years of research. From all these findings, it is obvious that this pharmacy is a rogue. The fact that they are operating from two different addresses proves that this is a scam. They will likely close down without warning within the next five years and will probably disappear without a trace unless you decide to go with them.

We believe that this pharmacy belongs to an illegal affiliate program. This means that they will be operating illegally and using fake reviews. You need to stay away from this site and never buy from them again.

Online pharmacies can be deceptive because they have two sides. Even if they are being legit, there is always the possibility that they are working with an illegitimate business. People can be deceived too easily because they think that they can be accurate when they are in reality they are using drugs that are illegal to use.

Mail my prescriptions is one online pharmacy that is offering alternative medicines to its customers. For an additional fee, you can also purchase medication online. Some of the branded drugs that this company offers include:

From all the information that we have found about this drugstore, we will have to give them a score of 3.6 out of 5.

The domain name records tell us that this pharmacy was established in 2010.

This store is now closed and is not part of any recognized association. This means that there is no one to contact when you need to make a payment.