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Mail Order Meds Review – A Website That Is Offline For Three Years Prior

22/04/2021 by

Mail Order Meds Review – A Website That Is Offline For Three Years Prior

Mail order meds is an online drugstore that sells an assortment of medication that is 100% safe for human consumption. The pharmacy started its service in 2005, and it has since grown to offer generic, branded, and branded-only drugs. This drugstore is unknown to the public due to its inaccessible and non-public information. This drugstore claims that their drugs do not carry any risks for consumers as they belong to a certified pharmaceutical company approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

This drugstore is one pharmacy that claims to be a leading supplier of cheap options that the consumers can use. They say that their buyers can enjoy great products at affordable prices, and adding to this, they claim to sell genuine drugs for less than $1 per pill. Considering all the illegitimate pharmacies that we have come across, it’s clear that these low prices are fake.

Mail order meds does not have any consumer reviews or testimonials on their site. They also do not have the certifications from the CIPA and LegitScript from which they are claiming to be certified.

Consumers are also unaware about the fact that this website belongs to an illegal affiliate program.

What’s more, we discovered that the pharmacy deals in an assortment of drugs that are not approved by the web pharmacies.

Domain Analysis

The domain history of this store is very interesting as it shows that they haven’t been online for very long. They began their operation only in the year 2006 and are now over seven years old. Although the domain will be out of business for a long period of time, they are now dealing with a host of legal issues.

The business details for this pharmacy site are very good and show us that they are not operating illegally.

Certified regulatory approval agencies as well as a full certification from the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

The pharmacy store is following the correct steps when it comes to validating their seals with the CIPA and with the Pharmacy Checker Program.

The store has a huge range of products that are available online, as well as their prescription-only medications.

They have not specified which pharmacies require their customers to present a valid prescription, however.

This store does not require its customers to provide prescriptions for their purchases. This is a good thing as prescription meds should be taken seriously before being sold online.

This pharmacy website does not require its customers to provide a valid prescription for their purchases. This could be a misunderstanding of the law, however, as prescription meds can be purchased without prescriptions.

We haven’t been able to find a discount code for this store, however, they offer a few special offers.

This pharmacy site is secure as they require all of their customers to be signed in. They cannot be accessed if you are logged out.

Mail Order Meds

  1. We have a security certificate from Norton that allows us to provide you with 100% safe online consultations
  2. Credit card payments are made through VISA and MasterCard

A lot of medicine is available online, but unfortunately, their customer support team is not as keen as others and this could be a sign that this store is operating illegally.

Shipping / Delivery / Payments

Shipping takes up to 5 business days, though your delivery will take up to 14 days longer, depending on where you are in the world.

The internet is full of online stores who have tried to hide their identity and location, but are outed as frauds by the internet. Same goes for the this site review, which is why we cannot trust the information available on the web.

A lot can happen in the next 12 months, and soon, there will be no more online pharmacy options left in the world.

The domain name records show us that this pharmacy has existed for a very long time. The purchase date is given as 2018-03-21. There have only been about 3 or 4 transactions since before this site was created. The domain was registered on 2015-03-21.

Also found in the records is a check against a blacklisting service. This shows that the store does not meet the standards required by the associations.

This drugstore is part of LegitScript.org and is backed by a third party company called VeriSign. This means that the pharmacy has been successfully checked by LegitScript.

The pharmacy offers different kinds of drugs. These include, Zolpidem, Dapoxetine, Viagra, Cialis, Fildena, Kamagra, and many others.

Why is it so cheap? The main reason is that these drugs are made by different pharmaceutical companies at different facilities around the world. This means that it is cheaper when compared to the market price.

Mail Order Meds Coupon

This drug store is offering a limited time offer to qualified clients who purchase at least 60 pills worth $10.

This offer is available for every first transaction, no matter whether you buy from this website or any other online seller. Regular shipping is free, but there is a $10 fee to ship to other countries.

For a retrospective review, I would say what they have to say on their website is true. They have been providing high-quality generic medicines for quite some time now. The products are all FDA approved, a guarantee for their authenticity is a guarantee. They are also very accessible, unlike what other online stores are giving to their clients to read their explanations, much less use them.

Mail Order Meds Customer Reviews 2021

On URL Void, this drugstore has been marked as a rogue internet pharmacy. We cannot trust this site and we don’t recommend it to you.

Although the pharmacy may have the info they want, we think that the info is fake. The customer reviews are fake and it’s quite apparent that this pharmacy is being operated by a fraudulent company.

Mail Order Meds

The domain for this online pharmacy was first registered on the 3rd of May 2015 and last updated on the 10th of May 2015. They claim to have been in operation for almost 9 years.

We also found out that the domain was registered to a Czech based registrar. This company has been around for over 7 years and is using a valid SSL certificate to make sure your personal and card information is safe.

While the domain is currently offline, here is some information about the owner. It appears that they are using a third-party company called Piter N. It is not clear if the information is authentic or not.

Site Analysis

We can still see the Redirect to Google logo on the website. The site is not safe to use due to the unknown location of the store.

The store is also home to a database of some 80,000 affiliate websites. These affiliate sites are known to redirect people to Google. When going through the databases in the store we can see that there are thousands of web pharmacies with this same redirect. This is pretty similar to the way the redirection is done.

Although available on the website, the business is not registered. The address is just an office building and there is nobody to contact them. This isn’t a good sign when you consider the number of pharmacies that exist.

There are a number of seals on the site that indicate that the store is part of the CFTC. An online pharmacy must be registered with the Pills with Care program and have a physical address.

The store has an earnest aim of keeping you healthy. They deal in different categories, such as men’s health, women’s health, pain relief and so on. They sell both brand-name drugs and generic versions that use different active ingredients.

Much like the other redirection sites, they allow you to choose the dosage of each drug to buy. They also offer different methods of payment and they claim to accept the following major credit cards:

  1. MasterCard
  2. Discover

They don’t indicate whether you need a valid prescription for your order due to the controversial nature of it. They don’t even offer an e-prescription service. If you are 18 years of age or older you can order a prescription drug.

The website is secured using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This protects your personal and card information.

There are two payment methods they offer, they offer Visa and debit cards. You may choose a shipping method that will take you to most countries in the world except for the USA.

This store has their own testimonials page. On this site they have over 200 testimonials from customers who have shopped at the pharmacy before.

To add more doubts to the service provided by this store it is a good idea to check if all the testimonials are genuine.

Shipping Delivery Payments

Business Contact Details

Canada-healthcare-24h.com was updated on 2018-07-14. It is quite surprising that this domain has been in use for just over a year, as it should have been around for close to nine years.

It is not clear where the owner has registered this domain. We can only assume that the owner is in Canada because this is the first we’ve come across in quite a while.

We don’t know who owns this pharmacy site, as no details are available on whois.com. The real issue is that this is a generic drugstore and all its products are very generic, making it a more likely drug store for fake products.

This pharmacy sells both brand name and generic pills from their website. The generic drugs are manufactured in India and shipped to their customers from different parts of the world. The buyer has the option of either paying with a credit card or using their debit card.

We don’t require any prescriptions for their products on their website, although they encourage the use of their prescription service for their customer’s protection.

We haven’t been able to find a good discount coupon for this site, although we have found some good pricing to share.

They provide a live chat and email support for their buyers to use, but the error message we got doesn’t suggest that they are active at all.

They have a MailOrderMeds testimonial page with over 200 customer testimonials. The majority of the feedback appears be genuine.

Most of the customers seem happy with the service and products they have received from this shop dispensing medication online. However, the majority of the feedback appears to be copied from other sites.

This pharmacy is doing a lot of things right, with a high level of customer satisfaction. The problem is that there are so many issues with this store.


The online pharmacy business is expanding fast. Since most of the online pharmacies are not transparent about where they are headquartered, there is a risk that they are not operating legally.

It is important to consider the possible risks of doing business with an online pharmacy before attempting to source your medication from them. Beware!

I will give this store a rating of 4 out of 5. I will not recommend this store to anyone, as I have no idea how safe it is.

As drug manufacturers in Canada are licensed by the Government of Canada, mail order meds is authorized by their pharmacy limits for selling their products. They are allowed to sell up to 150 pills of generic ED drugs per customer. A prescription is not required from the customer however they do ask that a registered physician provide the order form.

Because of these reasons, I am giving this pharmacy 1 out of 5 stars. I would like to know what the real experts say so I can make an informed decision whenever doing an online purchase.

Curious, I went on the internet to check what other people thought and found out that they had been all over the place. Some were positive while some were negative. It was embarrassing to discover this but I did not want to expose myself to the possibility of doing drugs from this store and so would not like to risk my money.