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Maple Leaf Meds Reviews – An Unhealthy Pillstore With Low Reporting Standards

28/03/2021 by

Maple Leaf Meds Reviews – An Unhealthy Pillstore With Low Reporting Standards

Maple leaf meds is an online store that promises cheap prices and dependable products. They say there are over 500 different products on this site and you can select from their bestseller list from your home screen. On their website, it says that they have the highest quality generic drugs that are reliable and effective for use but that they are low cost. What we found were questions in the FAQ about the authenticity of the drugs they claim to sell.

We took a look at scamadviser.com to find a more detailed view of this shop. Based on the findings, they have a high trust rating and are a safe website. However, we cannot give them a star because of the lack of data.

However, it seems like the site might be safe to use because they have reviewed their site and found some issues.

There are different promotional offers you can take advantage of at the website. They offer three free samples of any product and free pills for every order. Additionally, they give you 10% off for your first order.

Maple leaf meds is a safe website to use and their drugs are all approved by the FDA. They also offer branded drugs as well as generic products.

Prescription Requirements

The pricing of this drugstore website is quite expensive. It is very expensive compared to other pharmacies that sell similar drugs. Not only that, but they even demand a minimal fee to transact with this pharmacy website. The site is using a fixed-fee basis and payments are charged in advance.

Needless to say, not all pharmacies can offer fast and free delivery. You need to register with them to get this service. For this reason, this pharmacy website is offering special offers and promos.

Supply runs from 29th September 2018 to 10th October 2018. They offer delivery in the UK by either regular airmail or trackable courier service. The site assures that delivery will be achieved using the UK Post.

This pharmacy website accepts credit card payments through VISA, JCB, and MasterCard. They also accept money orders. Concerning their shipping policy, they say that sales are processed within 2 business days.

Needless to say, there are many the site reviews and testimonials online. Some of these testimonials even have a testimonial on their own page.

To conclude, the drugstore offers cheap medicines at very affordable prices. They have a legit and legitimate pharmacy license which they continue to operate with. The site also assures that the drugs are approved by the British Board of Dermatology.

The shop is a Canadian online pharmacy that offers low cost generic drugs in addition to branded medicines. The prices are remarkably cheap compared to other online pharmacies and even cheaper than other stores we’ve reviewed. However, we highly doubt the authenticity of the pharmacy since the domain is virtually unregistered and this could be an attempt to avoid detection.

Invalid Contact Details

Are you a fan of drugs or not? You are invited to enter a coupon code in order to save yourself some extra points! This offer is valid for the duration of the website.

Reading all the testimonials in the website makes you realize just how impressive they are. The reviews seem genuine and we also find out that they are written by actual customers of the site. However, the testimonials do not have an era of when they were written.

The fact that these testimonials do not have an era just further proves that this is a fake company.

It is very clear that there are many problems with this store. There is very little regulation and they are operating from Pakistan. Any business that is involved in business should be very careful. However, they have been known to operate fake pharmacies before. This indicates that this pharmacy is a scam. We have seen it done before and it is not safe.

Maple Leaf Meds

If you are dealing with a real, genuine company then you would expect to find a legitimate feedback and testimonial page from them. They have a .md URL which means they do not own and operate this site.

All the customer complaints we found about the pharmacy are from Reddit where they have over 200 comments. For a company that is known for it, it is strange to find so many testimonials posted on a single website.

Although it is unusual, it does not seem like maple leaf meds is giving out much discount at the moment. They are giving away 5% discount on all their future orders.

Maple Leaf Meds Coupon Codes

The website is a virtual pharmacy that sells generic and branded medicine at the lowest price possible. They claim that all of their drugs passed stringent quality assurance processes. We decided to check those claims to see if all of the drugs that they are selling are of the best quality they claim.

On Scamadviser, this pharmaceutical site has a trust score of 97% which shows that the website is working as intended.

The pharmacy is using a United States based address for their customer service. You can also use their office location as this is not hidden as they use a US based company as well.

Furthermore, a recent review from legitscript.com shows the site is not approved by all of the pharmacy's pharmacies.

Besides the branded drugs, they also offer health insurance to their customers. They have a payment methods that they are using that are secure, such as the credit card of the customers.

Regulatory Approval

Since the store is a registered member of CIPA and Pharmacy Checker, their regulatory approval is confirmed by the pharmacy.

There are two primary benefits to choosing this pharmacy site over competitors. The first benefit is that this store accepts the Visa, MasterCard, and American Express payments. The second benefit is the secure, safe, and reliable delivery that you will receive from this store.

  • Genuine online medicine purchases
  • Safe and free shipping

Well, if you are ordering from this pharmacy site, you are guaranteed to receive your orders from this store. You also get free tracking and maternity packs depending on the quantity of your orders.

The site accepts all major Credit Cards from different countries and the payment options are secure.

The company guarantees that you will receive a tracking number and all your payments will be safe with this type of service.

Although the reviews are great, their use of the word "Excellent" is difficult to read since it is not displayed in the articles.

Additionally, the descriptions do not match the photos, it seems like they have copied the photos to make their own testimonials.

Regulatory Approval

To conclude, the drugstore is a store with a great deal of promise and uses it wisely. It has lots of products for various use, is fully regulated, and has a very valuable service offered for its customers.

Maple leaf meds is a pharmacy that claims to offer quality generic and branded pharmaceutical products at very affordable prices. However, our investigations find that some of the products offered by this store are actually counterfeit and non-FDA approved. Fake and counterfeit drugs are common business practices that most fraud drug stores are guilty of. Therefore, it is not surprising that they have become notorious.

Store Security

To conclude, I would say one thing, always practice good hygiene as you are about to enter a new world of bad viruses and bacteria. I can promise that with proper washing and drying procedures, it will be safe.

It is also important to keep in mind that with every new drug or other medication, you are also selecting a poison. Hence, be careful and only use it when you know what you’re doing.

With the increasing popularity of generic medications being sold online, customers are getting suspicious about certain pharmacy websites. In an effort to protect themselves, many of the most popular online pharmacies have placed monitoring ads on their sites. However, the ads are almost totally invisible so you will have to rely on their word that they are secure.

  • Other symptoms of poisoning may include mental retardation, convulsions, and unconsciousness.

However, there is a difference between being able to handle a fake medicine and having a minor illness, so it is not as bad as the other symptoms.


I am a big fan of this site because of its free gifts, attractive prices and the customer service that I have come to expect from this company. I have not tried it personally but I have seen these comments on other sites and they just don’t seem to be factual.

I give this site 1 out of 5 stars for its freebie offers and also for not having any customer reviews.

This website is a drugstore which claims to provide an affordable price and fast delivery. Apart from this, the store also provides a wide range of alternative forms of ED medicines. This review tells you how the company has operated for the past 12 years without compromising their reputation.

In order to find out the true identity of this pharmacy, I have used whois.com and scamadviser.com to get a clearer picture of the company.

Scamadviser.com has a high trust rating and has recommended this company many times. Scamadviser.com has said that they have seen a lot of fake websites on the internet and this is one of the reasons why.

On the other hand, whois.com gives a very low trust rating as well. The domain hasn’t been registered for more than 3 years.

This store has a business address in Canada, near the Canadian border. They give a Canadian business number to contact them.

On Scamadviser.com, this pharmacy has a trust score of 62% with a label that says “This site can be trusted.

This company has been approved by CIPA, as well as being part of the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia.

This store offers several types of medication. Their main categories are ED pills, General Pharmaceutical, Andrology, Erectile Dysfunction, and Birth Control.

This online pharmacy has got so many reviews on various reviews sites that it is difficult for me to keep track.