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Medi Save Ca Review – A Suspicious Online Pharmacy With No Certifications And No Verifiable Reputation

29/01/2021 by

Medi Save Ca Review – A Suspicious Online Pharmacy With No Certifications And No Verifiable Reputation

Medi save ca is a Canadian pharmacy which claims to offer 24/7 customer support. They also claim to have a very wide range of medications, giving you peace of mind that what you are taking is safe. This review will give you a clear insight into the services and products offered by this pharmacy.

The drug store is an online drug store which uses various levels of security to protect customer’s information and activities from outside sources. They also use a Seal of Confidentiality from Privacy International, a club which promotes client privacy and security. However, there are more details to be discussed in the following sections.

The drugstore is an online drug store which offers a customer the choice between three different currencies, as well as a wide range of medications. They offer free shipping worldwide, up to $200 and up to 190 pills of their branded ED drugs. However, they charge a flat price of $25 for a standard package. The second method of tracking their orders is through Pills Who Deliver as well. They have a live chat where they invite their clients to ask their questions in case they have any queries or suggestions.

Medi save ca also uses social media accounts. They have a Facebook page which is updated with new posts and a video feed from their desktop website. They also have Twitter and Instagram as well as Facebook accounts for their direct messages.

They also offer free shipping to Canada, but only to the address indicated on their website. There is no mailing address.

We feel that it is very likely that their pharmacy is a legit one. However, they must be checked more thoroughly in the future.

This shop.

Medi Save Ca Coupon Codes

The shop is an internet drugstore that has been operating for 9 years. They have 700 licensed pharmacies all over the world and have secured a commitment from the United States Government for all of their pharmacies. But despite the long operation history, I always felt like the website was too new and had no reviews or testimonials from other reliable and verified sources.

I tried looking for additional reviews but came up with nothing. A search on Google didn't give me any results so I just thought it was a bit strange since Google would yield a lot of results for the same phrase. So I used Scamanalyze.com and Scamner.com to see what they had to say about medi save ca.

They also have a message and refund policy in place where if you are not happy with the product or service of a customer you can return it within 30 days of purchase. They also offer a full refund if the customer does or reorders the product from them after inspection.

I want to find a trustworthy and reliable online vendor to place my order so I looked around on how to fill in the gaps in my knowledge with the help of the internet. There are so many vendors that are offering so many different products and so much to offer. I couldn’t find a single solid rated vendor but there were reviews from clients and other online sources.

Medi Save Ca Coupon

It is important to note that all of these testimonials are dated and unfortunately, this site does not have any third party reviews. This means that the testimonials from other independent websites are not trustworthy.

Medications Sold

Desiree is a customer who bought Cialis to get better erections. She had some feedback from other customers who also used the drug for erections.

The feedback she got was positive and she was 100% satisfied with it. The drug was indeed effective and the results are great. She also mentioned her use of the drug was 100%.

A customer named Mary says their drugs were effective and they had a great experience. We also run into a couple of complaints about this drug store, but it seems the complaints are only on-site. We wish them the best and hope they get some good feedback from their customers.

MediSaveCa had lots of feedback and testimonials in the support section. The comments seem genuine however we cannot guarantee that because of the complex website.

There is no evidence that shows that a testimonial page is a good place for testimonials. We only have their date of posting and they did not respond to our questions.

We also find many testimonial pages on popular review sites like trustpilot.com and Yahoo and they are from the same person.

This drugstore is a Canadian online pharmacy that provides quality drugs for all. They are using a valid business license and they have a parent company that is accredited by a pharmacy organization.

They offer discounts on top of the great discounts they currently have. This is a great way to save a small amount of money whenever you shop from them.

Domain Info

These records also show that the domain is not experiencing any major issues. It can’t be registered due to signs that it is a new site. This means that the store is only a new source of medication for the pharmacy.

This pharmacy does not appear to be following any legal requirements. They are using the business name epscan.com which is not a registered member of any regulatory bodies.

Medications Sold

They do have a seal from Legat Script on the store, however. They are also using a high-profile Canadian firm as their logo and have a verified CIPA membership.

This pharmacy offers more drugs than any other online pharmacy, selling male supplement, for men and women. They also offer some of the most popular drugs for men from the market including:

  1. Doxycycline
  2. Valtrex
  3. Zolpidem
  4. Peramethazine
  5. Valacyclovir
  6. One antibiotic

They also offer more drugs that are manufactured by the Indian pharmaceutical company Ranbaxy, a large Indian based multinational company.

  1. MasterCard
  2. Checks and International Money Orders

They do offer a 90 day money back guarantee and they are happy to process refunds for the wrong products.

Shipping is done worldwide using UPS, FedEx, and DHL. This is cheaper than other pharmacies using the same shipping rates. PosesidonPharm.com ships to most countries in the world except those with customs. The tracking information for the US and UK is provided by UPS for customers outside of the US.

This online pharmacy offers customer support via phone and email. They also provide a phone number and email address for customers in the US, UK, and Canada.


I conclude that medi save ca is not as safe as it claims. This pharmacy has a low trust rating and is almost certainly a scam. I will rate it 1-star out of 5 stars.

Shipping is very expensive. They offer Trackable Courier Service for $14.95 and will reship you to anywhere in the world for $30. However, you have to purchase drugs carefully to avoid a risk of receiving drugs that are defective.

In the absence of information about the site, I considered only the credibility of the store itself, but we cannot rely on just word of mouth.

The pharmacy does not have a verified customer review on the internet. However, we did find some information from business analysis websites.