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Meds Engage To Be A Scam Even Without The Existence Of Any Evidence Of Its Existence?

02/05/2021 by

Meds Engage To Be A Scam Even Without The Existence Of Any Evidence Of Its Existence?

Meds engage is a Canadian pharmacy which claims to offer 24/7 customer support and confidential customer service. They say that the drugs they offer are FDA cleared and sold at the best price possible. They also have a 30% discount on their users, enabling them to get 30 more pills for the price they are giving. This drug store has been in business for over 7 years. This means that they have experience and knowledge which goes a long way to reassure you of their reliability.

This online pharmacy has a lot to offer. They have a wide array of drugs to sell along with a lot of different brands. It has a very attractive home screen which is totally different from the common user interface in which they operate.

They don’t make you wait long for your order however as they will send you two additional pills after your order is verified.

With a lot of online pharmacies to choose from, it may be difficult to choose the right one to trust. That is why we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to make the decision between them using our list of reasons why you should avoid them all.

The pharmacy is a Canadian business which says they are consistently approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). They ship their products to Canada, the UK, the US, Germany and several other countries.

Meds engage claims to be a drugstore which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Meds Engage / Testimonials

The majority of fake drugs websites are located in Asia, but they also have a presence in Europe and the United States, too.

Some of these fake drugstores have clearly identifiable customer reviews and testimonials on their websites.

We can clearly say that these comments are fake. These comments are not genuine, and they are posted to deceive some customers.

We can also say that these reviews are posted on an online pharmacy website that is not approved by any regulatory authority.

Meds Engage

You should be very careful when dealing with online pharmacies. Some of them are quite suspicious on account of being located in different parts of the world.

We can only say that these reviews are fake, and they are posted on an online drugstore website that is not approved by any regulatory authority.

This review explains everything you need to know about MedsEngage and what to watch out for when dealing with them in the future.

For a company that has been operating for almost 10 years, this company would have a history of being legit and safe to purchase from. Scam online pharmacies do not tend to be around for very long, usually requiring only a few years for operation.

It is also important to notice that the domain is named "Online Pharmacy". This drugstore website refers to itself as a Canadian pharmacy. This pharmacy website claims to operate from a maximum security prison and the site hosts daily passes from the prison to bring attention to the prison’s work. However, our investigations reveal that this site could be a scam.

Additionally, we discovered that the pharmacy is using a fake mailing address. The company sending the emails and receiving the packages are two different addresses that are not found on the website.

Since this pharmacy website is operating with a fake business certificate, we strongly suspect the pharmacy is not complying with any legal requirements.

Far Fetched Claims

The pharmacy does not own an SSL certificate which is a basic level of security to be taken for granted. There is also no mention of whether they have secured the domain name in the past.

The fact that they are using a fake safety company is alarming as they have been known to do this more than once in the past.

The fact that there are so many red flags is a big red flag for the pharmacy as they are beginning to appear more likely to be fake and scam.

Meds Engage Testimonials

To conclude, we must say that this pharmacy is making a lot of big claims which are not supported by the evidence. The findings of the report are also not in favour of their credibility.

A check on the domain name records shows that they’ve been operating for just over a year. There is also no information available on the internet about the original owners of the website.

The business has been licensed in the state of Washington and have a physical address in Washington. However, the pharmacy does not provide information for their location which is not available online.

The pharmacy does not provide any identification for the business which is used. This is normal as many drugstores do not have this information available to the public.

They are operating in the state of Washington. They have a seal from the Washington State Department of Health on the front page of their site.

Of course, the Washington State DPH was approved by the state in 2018 and is a licensed physician in that state.

They claim that they sell brand-name drugs. The problem is that their drugs are not approved by the World Health Organization.

They do not require you to send them a prescription when you place an order. They do however require that they be accredited by the American Board of Psychiatry and the American Academy of Pediatrics to sell drugs.

They offer two shipping methods, courier and unregistered mail. They do not provide a discount on your order amounting to $50.

Meds Engage Reviews & Testimonials

Shopping for medicines is difficult in the present environment because of the rapid advancements of e-commerce. This website is considered as a rogue online pharmacy, as it does not have the accreditations and certifications from the best offer websites that it should.

Far Fetched Claims

The drugstore offers different medicines for varying needs such as contraception, weight loss, anti-allergic, antiviral, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and so much more. They offer two delivery methods to choose from, airmail and express shipping. Airmail costs $14.95 USD while a Standard shipping costs $24.95. They do not have any money back guarantee and may return the wrong products.

They have none on the internet pharmacy reviews websites that we use online. Viral threats and malware can be found on the website and there is also a remote-access page with no reviews by itself.

Meds engage had no reviews in 2008 and we would consider them to be unreliable since they do not have a review on third-party review website.

They have a testimonial page with over 200 product testimonials. However, these are fake and not valid. Another interesting fact is that the best-selling products on their site are men's health drugs. There is no evidence that a female customer has ever purchased this product.

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to a expensive drug, check this pharmacy website out. They offer a 3% discount for returning customers and they offer free shipping.


The website is simple and easy to use. All the features are well-arranged and there are very few errors on the website which is a good sign of a reliable online drugstore.

If you run into any problems with their pharmacy other than receiving a letter from the Health Department you can phone them on 02009 453138. The phone line is always open 24/7.

This e-commerce pharmacy has been approved by the CIPA, they are also a member of the NABP and Penguin and the Pharmacy Checker programs from LegitScript, and are also considered by many other regulatory authorities.

This drugstore offers different types of prescription drugs from different pharmaceutical companies. They do not accept payments as you may be able to use a credit card linked to your account.

If you need faster delivery, you can purchase their delivery insurance and have it delivered for FREE.

This online pharmacy offers a lot of customer support to help with any queries you may have. They have phone and fax numbers, an email address, and a mailing address.