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Moda Fin Il Star Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy That's Running Your Own Risk

24/02/2021 by

Moda Fin Il Star Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy That's Running Your Own Risk

Moda fin il star is one of the most trusted and most reputable online pharmacies on the web. This store is a certified member of the Redirectazione Internazionale di Sistema Prima and the Scamner Unit of HackReads.com. The shop is owned by “Online Pharmacy”. The store has been around since 2011 and is operating its service from the USA with a UK representative.

This store has a wide array of products, not just your regular pills, but also drugs related to different bodily functions.

ModaFinIlStar ships orders from all over the world, from USA and from various other countries. For quicker delivery, customers can avail of Express Delivery instead of Standard. You can also avail of the “Money Back Guarantee” if your orders do not arrive within the specified time frames.

  • Doxycycline 100 mg: $0.77 per pill
  • Phenergan 100 mg: $1.38 per pill
  • Adalatriptyline 20 mg: $1.72 per pill
  • Amoxil 20 mg: $2.25 per pill

The pharmacy claims to have the lowest prices on the web. They offer generics as well as the branded products from the largest pharmaceutical companies. According to the store, the generic products are 100% effective and they only cost less than $1. They also offer the “fast and free shipping” as delivery. All shipping is via 1st class mail.

This site offer a lot of benefits to its customers. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Their products are 100% effective.
  • All orders are safely processed and sent to their destinations.
  • The pharmacy offers a number of investigatory consultations for their clients. They ask for the invoices of all their consultations to ensure transparency.
  • Their products are of great quality.
  • They offer compassionate care to all of their patients.
  • They offer a great discount rate.

You can avail of their discount offer through the 10% off option that you can see in the image below.

The pharmacy is the “real deal” online pharmacy. They give the lowest price for their generic products and they offer fast delivery. There is no indication that this store is a scam though.

Moda Fin Il Star Coupon Codes

The company is also giving an offer of free pills on prescription renewals. If you purchase a prescription, you can save up to $10 for your order.

You can make your purchases using credit cards from the largest credit card processing companies including Visa, Mastercard, and JCB. The company also provides a Money Order for your payments.

The reviews we have gathered from third party websites are conflicting with the testimonials on the store. Some of the testimonials say the drug store is able to change the appearance of a patient, but the testimonial also shows the doctor the client's phone number.

It is also mentioned that the drugstore customer had a great experience with their drug store. However, others say they were disappointed and left without any comment for their experience.

This drug store has a lot of positive reviews from its customers. However, we still cannot guarantee its reliability as a pharmacy. Some reviews even accuse the company of selling counterfeit drugs.

To check this company’s reputation, we have visited scamadviser.com and resolvconfidential.com to gather more information.

Moda Fin Il Star Reviews

According to scamadviser.com, this website is only at a risk level of 47% that is a level considered high. It says that the pharmacy has been listed as a Rogue Pharmacy. Other studies are saying that this pharmacy is a threat.

Customer Support

We have discovered another downside to this store - an online support team. This team is active and responsive as normal, but they are most likely using a fake Email address to provide their fake address.

The first time that we checked, it was from a time when we had previously experienced some problems with the site. However, the service team have since moved on to get new sites.

The domain goes on to say that it has been around for over 7 years when in reality this claim is not verified.

The fact that the site has been around for over 7 years is a major red flag and means that they cannot be trusted.

If you want to buy ED drugs from this pharmacy without sending them a prescription, then you should not buy from this site.

Moda fin il star is a pharmacy that claims to offer 24/7 Customer Support. They also tell us that they have been approved by the Canadian Pharmacy Association and have the lowest price on the web. We take a look at the company that supplies them to find out if they meet the standards that they claim they are meeting.

This information shows that the domain was originally registered on the date that it is currently registered. The domain has a nine year history and is set to expire in the year 2019.

We can also see in the domain registrant contact information that they have used to register it. This is a good sign that gives us some confidence that this pharmacy is a safe place to buy from.

The business that runs this pharmacy has their own site, but we can see some issues with this pharmacy. The owner of the site has opted to use a privacy service to hide the details of the website.

The pharmacy offers a wide range of pills which are manufactured by Dr Mitch at his main centre in Ottawa, Canada. They have a lot of distributors and you will find them selling across the globe.

The product line-up for this pharmacy includes a lot of the common medications that you would normally find in a legitimate online drugstore. The pills for sale can be found on this website as well.

They also claim to offer a wide range of generic medications and over the counter drugs.

Moda Fin Il Star Reviews

This review is from the Canadian pharmacy's site. However, the user reviews available on other online platforms are also unreliable.

Since they say that their pharmacy is with FDA approved drugs, we check the domain status to see if they are still in operation. They appear to be.

Moda Fin Il Star Coupon Codes

The pharmacy offers a lot of promotions, including discounts of up to 80%. We also find that this pharmacy offers discounted medications on both generic and branded medications.

The website is a website that makes claims about value for money. It has been around for close to ten years. It offers cheap generic drugs and over the counter drugs at prices that are on par with what other online pharmacies are offering. They don’t require a prescription to order but there are some restrictions if you are ordering to cure a disease. They don’t offer much information about themselves and there is a lot of what they claim to be their online pharmacy. Their customer service can be contacted through phone or mail.

The problem is that they do not own an SSL certificate and as a result, you can easily get your personal and card details stolen. The fact that this information is posted on the internet raises suspicions about how this pharmacy operates. Any customer is statistically more likely to do this than an honest mistake. Scam Internet Pharmacy could not be tolerated by I.P. And they are not in compliance with any legal requirements.

Products Available

It is very attractive to search for coupon codes using the the site website. There are a lot of them. For instance, here are some of the offers that you can take advantage of:

I choose to use my card to pay for orders that are out of stock and I don’t know if they have a return policy. Moreover, they only ship $30. If you spend over $300, they offer free delivery.

On their website, the company says that they have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which is a verification of the pharmacy.

They offer two methods of payment. They accept all major credit cards apart from those coming from the United States.


I would say that moda fin il star is not a great pharmacy as I have described it on the web store. It is not clear from the website what the license of the pharmacy is. The site does not have much customer feedback and may actually be a threat to the user’s safety. This is enough evidence for me to say that this site is not safe to use.

The domain was registered in 2007. From the look of things, it seems like they have been in business for a very long time. It is also important to note that before 2007, they only had a web store.

They use a different domain to sell their drug products than the other pharmacies I’ve been following. This seems like a classic sign of a rogue store.

They give a business name and address in Canada. A search on Google Maps reveals that that this address is related to a pharmacy.

Other regulatory approval is shown by the HIPPA security agreement and standards set out by Health Canada.

There are a number of different brands of pills available from this store. They sell generic and brand name drugs. They also offer support services for drug use like consultations and education.

This store is offering a prescription service that asks for your medical history using a form. They claim that they only sell accurate information about your condition.

This online pharmacy accepts payments made through MasterCard and Visa as well as Echeck and other international check payments.