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Northwest Pharmacy Review Review. The Shop That Killed One Shipping Wrecking Company.

15/02/2021 by

Northwest Pharmacy Review Review. The Shop That Killed One Shipping Wrecking Company.

Northwest pharmacy is a Canadian pharmacy which claims to offer 24/7 customer support and convenient shopping. They also claim to deliver high-quality products to their clients, however, we review this store in our best sellers list for much more detail.

The domain name record indicates that this store was originally registered in 2015, which indicates a more reliable company. The domain is set to expire in 2018.

The drugstore does not provide an actual business location, but they provide a phone number and email address in the FAQ.

The website offers a wide range of drugs ranging from weight loss supplements to Men’s Health drugs. They offer the cheapest prices we found and are safe to use.

  1. Generic Viagra: $0.27 per pill
  2. Generic Cialis: $1.56 per pill
  3. Herbal Viagra: $1.69 per pill
  4. Male Viagra Cialis: $2.65 per pill

Northwest pharmacy accepts payment by credit cards through major credit card processing companies. You can add the pharmacies debit card to your cart to pay with only a standard delivery.

There are two shipping methods, including regular and express shipping. You may also opt to pay via the pharmacy by credit card. Shipping takes 3-5 business days in Canada and the United Kingdom.

  1. Leslie, an 18 year-old woman living in British Columbia
  2. Ray, a 67 year old man living in British Columbia
  3. Alice, a 65 year old woman living in British Columbia
  4. Phil, an 80 year old man living in British Columbia

Overall, they say this store is a “great company” and that they won’t hesitate to use their services again.

This online pharmacy is a scam. They offer a limited range of drugs while trying to hide who they really are. They do not have a valid business license, and our searches on the Calgary and B.C. Government verified that this store is not approved by either.

According to scamadviser.com, the site is located in Canada, but we suspect this is just a ploy to deceive the customers.

Northwest Pharmacy Reviews 2021

The drug store has a wide range of products and treatments available for prescription. They have ED drugs for both men and women, with several drugs, for erectile dysfunction. They also have meds for pregnant women, but the majority of their products are for sales purposes.

When checking the prices, there is a question mark over the “Price” symbol. The price is a lot cheaper than the price that the original stores have. It is noticeable at first, then you will understand why.

The live chat is available 24/7 but you need the free time to fill out an in-app ticket so that you may send them your feedback or complaints.

This pharmacy is not trusted by most online pharmacies so it is not recommended for buying medicines.

This pharmacy has had no reviews to date, which means that they have not been approved by most online pharmacies. This is quite strange, given that they are claiming to be a real pharmacy which offers FDA approved generics.

A quick search on Google shows that there is no information about the seller and the domain, so they are not listed in any online pharmacy search engine.

The seller has not been able to meet the verification standards set by LegitScript.com and by the search engines, so they should not be trusted.

They are not included on the pharmacy search engines, therefore they are not in the whole list of online pharmacies.

Business Profile Info

Northwest pharmacy has a lot of promotions and discount offers. They have a free, 10% off, and a discount on all next orders. They offer to send coupons (such as free Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra) and gift certificates. These are all good incentives to make you return or renew your prescription.

Prescription Requirements

No prescriptions are required from this company to supply you with any products. However, they do require that you submit a valid prescription from a licensed physician prior to placing your order.

They do not have any kind of discount voucher that you can use to save some money when using this store.

This store is now using Chase Express Bank and they accept E-checks and the American Express card as well as the e-checks.

This pharmacy has a page of this drug store reviews and testimonials on their website. All of the reviews are positive and show how happy they are with the service offered by this store. However, some of the testimonials can be found on other online pharmacies websites.

Most of the reviews are from US customers and they seem genuine but we need more feedback from other countries as well.

We conclude our review of this drug store by saying that they have nothing to worry about. They have a lot of customer feedback and it shows.

They are offering very cheap prices for their generic drugs. They have a wide range of products and it looks like they have the correct ingredients and the right active ingredients in them.

They have a prescription service where you can get checked and verified written permission from a doctor if you need it. This is a good sign as it shows that they are following the guidelines set out by their company to be safe.

We hope that they will hear from their customers and the feedback they give will help them to make a better deal for their customers. If you are not satisfied with their customer service then you can leave them a feedback at their website or call them on +1 866 43 7592 3474.

The site is a pharmacy store that promises great service. They have a business name of Canada Pharmacy and they provide a lot of information about themselves in the About Us section.

Business Profile Info

We have on-site verification from Scam Adviser and also from Scamner. The site is also approved by the NABP (NSW) and the HIPPA (Houston, TX) health associations which means that it is a safe, reliable and safe to use online pharmacy.

Although the business remains online, it is no longer operating under the administration of the “Online Pharmacy” brand. The new owners are using an anonymous service to avoid suspicion along with the IRS.

  1. Generic Acyclovir (Cialis)
  2. Lortab (Valtrex)
  3. Lipitor (Viagra)
  4. Pyridoxine (Tadalafil)

You need a valid prescription from a licensed physician to order any product on this website. However, a licensed pharmacist may dispense a prescription in your state or province of residence.

This drugstore has received several testimonials from people who have used this store to get what they want. Some of the testimonials include the following:

  1. Craig from Florida
  2. Lucy from California
  3. David of Michigan
  4. Jeff of North Carolina
  5. John from New York

However, we have seen these testimonials on other online pharmacies as well. They do not appear to be genuine and are part of a concerted effort by the pharmacy to draw customers to the website.

This online pharmacy has a telephone number that you can use where customers can directly contact the company. This is helpful for people who need help with any of the pharmacies online customer service issues.

Northwest Pharmacy

Despite receiving a large number of customers, this pharmacy is no longer active. This is because of an online and postal strike by the government which is preventing their delivery of drugs.

Another reason why this pharmacy is no longer active is because of the absence of testimonials from former customers.

This pharmacy is no longer operating as it did at the time of our review. However, we can say that it is great to find a pharmacy which has made its branded drugs available for all.

This is a great convenience for customers who wish to save a significant amount of money when ordering large quantities of drugs.

Northwest Pharmacy Coupons

There is NO added cost for the trial. The company guarantees that you receive the quality drugs that you have ordered.

We decided to check the status of this shop on different sites to find out if the store still existed. The results show that the store is now offline, and thus, its domain is now inactive. No information was provided by the company about when it last sold products. It is difficult for the company to get a domain expiry date, as it is not required to do so.

The drug store has been active for over seven years. It is one of the longest running pharmacy stores online. This indicates that the pharmacy is functioning well.

Recently, the company started selling generic drugs in 2006. It is also one of the few online stores with a valid SSL certificate.

At this pharmacy store, you can find medicines for almost every medical condition such as impotence, male pattern baldness, cold sores, blood pressure, and cholesterol. There is also medicines for attention, such as benzyl alcohol, tranquilizer, and sedative drugs.

The company is not averse to offering drugs which are local and sourced directly from the manufacturer. This allows them to secure the best products and services.

Northwest pharmacy did not have reviews on any pharmacy website. There is no reason for the store to be offline as most pharmacies are now listed online.

NorthwestPharmacy offers very good sales incentives for its customers, such as free shipping, discounted prices, and special promotions.

Besides that, the company guarantees delivery on all of its orders, and it also provides the same fast and free shipping. Its products are also guaranteed safe to use because they are all approved by the FDA.

This pharmacy is a pharmacy store with excellent products and customer service. It is an accredited recognition for all pharmacies. Furthermore, it has been listed on LegitScript as one of the top 100 pharmacies online.

Mirror Websites

Since it is getting dark, I am only going to check the price tags of the drugs I am interested in. If they are offering 100mg of Cialis for $303.62, I would say that they are not too worried because of their large orders.

To conclude, northwest pharmacy has been illegal since 2018. It is not clear where or how long they have been in operation, and their location is not really known. However, the location of the owner is not always been known. The fact that they did not have any reviews or comments from their customers or even from their affiliated sites raises a lot of questions. Their lack of a license may be related to the lack of regulations.

This site is a pharmacy which claims to sell high-quality pills. I decided to check if they have any pharmacy certifications and reviews from other independent websites to see if they are legit.

They have been certified by the FDA and have their medications from reputable pharmaceuticals. However, because their site is so new, I cannot confirm if they’re real or not. They also have a verified CIPA seal which they have on their website.

The site is based in Canada. Are they legit? Yes. They have a pharmacy in Canada as well. The website is using a professional design and they have a virtual office in North America. I am getting a feeling that something is not right.


With the state of the world being so uncertain, it is difficult to know which countries are good and which are not. This is where we come in. We have the experience of many thousands of people who have successfully navigated online pharmacy stores for years and who are now calling the shots. Not only can we provide comprehensive customer reviews, we can also provide you the answers to the most commonly asked questions about online pharmacies.