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Pharm Express Rx Review – Online Drug Store With Poor Crediting

28/11/2020 by

Pharm Express Rx Review – Online Drug Store With Poor Crediting

Pharm express rx is an online pharmacy which claims to offer the highest quality generic drugs on the internet. They say that they provide almost 24×7 customer support and 365 days free shipping. We review this store, only to discover some issues which suggest that this is a very expensive pharmacy.

The domain was registered in November 2016 and last updated in October 2019. Below you can find the domain name of this store in the Whois database.

This domain has been the subject of a WHOIS analysis by Whois.com. This shows that back in 2004 this domain was registered through a Polish registrar.

The site is owned by Commerce Worldwide, a pharmaceutical company based in the city of New York with its headquarters being in the borough of Manhattan.

This drugstore's site claims to be operated by a "high-risk" company which is dedicated to offering high-quality drugs. Therefore, it seems likely that the drugs they are selling are counterfeit and not of the quality promised.

They do not provide any details about where this store is operating from, and this is a major red flag.

There is no evidence that shows that this pharmacy is a member of any regulatory agency. However, we have found that this site may not be active in the UK, however they claim that they are operating from the US.

They do not require any prescription information from you when you place an order with this pharmacy. They merely require that you check an offer period.

They do not seem to accept payment by credit card. However, you may have to provide some payment information to get an account opening.

They provide 24/7 customer support when you need them. However, this is best provided by phone or email.

They do not seem to provide much information about themselves when you contact them, and it is therefore difficult to establish their legitimacy.

But you can find plenty of customer testimonials on the internet, and most of them are very positive.

This online pharmacy has a lot going for them. They have lots of customers, and they offer fast delivery.

Domain Info

The domain is based in the city of Vinesscn in Russia but most likely obtained from an affiliate of a Russian information technology company.

Data from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy show that the organization has registered the domain. According to the NABP, the domain was previously registered in September 2006.

The company also has a certification from CIPA, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. The pharmacy's website also claims to operate from Canada, unlike most other pharmacies online who operate from the United States.

The pharmacy is also checked by the NABP. On their site, they are giving out more than 30 incentives to their members and fellows. Their members can get special discounts on next orders by completing their purchases.

This pharmacy offers a wide array of medications. They offer Brand-name drugs as well as generic variants. All medications are manufactured in India.

This pharmacy is currently promoting their loyalty program. They offer 4 free pills if you spend $200 on purchases.

Prescription Requirement

The site offers 24/7 customer support.

They have a very wide variety of customer feedback and testimonials. They provide a link to their verified testimonial page on third party review sites.

They offer the lowest prices possible, Guarantee your quality drugs, and they offer 24/7 customer support.

Prescription Requirement

Buyers must upload a valid prescription from their doctors before ordering from this pharmacy. For more details, read our article on the subject.

We couldn’t find any coupon codes from the drug store, as the website is required by law to remain independent.

Pharm express rx has a secure checkout page that you can use to confirm the details of your order. Your order will be delivered discreetly. Delivery will be free, however, if you spend a certain amount of money.

No reviews are available for this store, which suggests that the store is not being actively reviewed by most customers.

The website is an online store that sells low-cost products at the lowest price possible. The drugs are really cheap and affordable compared to other drug stores who sell similar products at insanely low prices.

It has a lot to offer, and it is very easy to place an order. The store is very transparent about the fact that they have a pharmacy license and other regulatory approvals from other countries as well.

The pharmacy is a pharmacy that claims to sell generic meds at very affordable prices. However, our investigation into the store’s business, results in further questioning the quality of services they offer. Here are the findings:

  1. The store is offering a very wide range of medicines. They claim to offer products for impotence, depression, pain relief, and many other conditions.
  2. The medication they sell are generic meds sourced directly from their manufacturers. These meds come at prices that are much lower than the market price. However, we further check their product prices on their website and find that they are not using a licensed manufacturer for these drugs. This means that the manufacturer of these products haven’t been properly certified.
  3. The store is using a custom website that asks for a prescription in addition to being able to place an order. This applies to both American and EU customers.

Pharm Express Rx Coupon Codes

Pharm express rx offers a variety of offers to its customers, such as discounts and coupons for its customers. In this list, you can find the following coupon codes:

Additionally, the store is also offering special discounts for its customers, such as giving them extra pills for their order.

I am reviewing a pharmacy since it is easy to use and has a very personal support team. I am eager to try it and recommend it to others.

The drug store has a customer feedback form and phone number for the buyers. They also have an email, the Facebook page, and a testimonial page which are all good and useful.

This pharmacy has received very good reviews online and it is interesting to note that most of these reviews are from within the United States. This indicates that the store has good customer service and are happy to receive your feedback.

I like the fact that the doctors are all over the place, unlike other pharmacies that tend to draw their doctors from one country or the other.

I am excited about this pharmacy because it has a very good reputation throughout the web. I like the fact that they have a pretty wide range of products to offer. They also have a lot of helpful agents ready to aid their clients wherever they are on the globe.

The pharmacy operates from the United States and all medicines are FDA approved for sale.

Pharm Express Rx Reputation

It is safe to say that this drugstore is a reputable pharmacy, as this review will show. This online pharmacy is famous for its high-quality products, amazing customer service, and reliable shipment of products.

Pharm Express Rx Coupon Codes

The shop was established in 2007, making it one of the oldest operating pharmacies in the entire web. Although this seems like a long time, it actually says on the site that it has been in business for more than 20 years.

This drugstore is able to offer medication for an abundance of health conditions, although the majority of their products are for erectile dysfunction.

The generic Viagra 100 mg costs $284.27, which is almost $5 above the branded formula. This is a $9.95 price increase.

If you do decide to order from pharm express rx, you should consider using a secure payment gateway. They have two payment methods, such as credit cards and debit cards.

Shipping is via standard airmail only, and there are no express shipping options. Delivery times range from 10 to 18 days.

There are a few mentions of reviews or testimonials on the web. There are no available reviews on third-party review sites.

There are also no reviews on the user reviews website. However, there are testimonials from the website’s own site.

There is no information available on whether or when the site will reopen. They are claiming to have been in business for more than seven years, but I am unable to confirm this as I did not make any purchase, therefore I cannot verify this claim.

A 10% discount is also available on all new customers of this shop to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

If you are a new customer and decide to enter your credit card details using this site, you will get a discount on the checkout.


I have seen a lot of fake reviews and pricing schemes online, so I can safely state that my trust is not for this pharmacy. I advise you to look for a better pharmacy to buy your medication here.

This shop is a pharmacy that claims to provide an online platform for obtaining high quality generic drugs. They say that they are able to dispatch your order in under 5 days, making them one of the most convenient drugstore to do business with online. They give a minimum order of $12, and I believe it to be a sliding scale of the total limit of $12. I have tried it out, and I am impressed.

I tried out the website live for a long time, and it is still relatively new. You can also see that they have a lot of loyalty points, which shows how much the company is committed to serving their customers.

The reviews are also interesting. They appear to be written by real customers, as opposed to other fake reviews that appear on the internet.

There is also an issue with the reviews appearing on the internet that seems to be related to the location of the site. I am not sure if it is an offline issue or whether these reviews are in fact written by them, but it is something to consider.

I have also tried searching on scamadviser.com and scamner.com. The results for these sites are the same. No safe areas were found for the site. The results also showed that there was no location that is certified by scamner.com.

I am sometimes impressed by the size of discounts and promotions that they offer. I have seen them offer free shipping of orders over $300, and free pills for every order that a customer makes. You also get an 8% discount on your next purchase from this store.

I am impressed by the pharmacy because of the quality of the drugs, the low prices they offer, and the helpfulness of their customer service team. They are a little confusing, and their location of operation is not entirely clear, but they appear to be in Canada. This suggests that they are owned by a business that is reporting to the health department.

Pharm express rx is an online pharmacy that provides a wide range of drugs. This online drugstore is active for almost 6 years at this time. They have one of the most competitive prices in the market. Their Canadian pharmacy is located just one block away from each other.

Since they know their customer and its location, they also offer different discounts on top of the current discounts. So, if you live near each other, a relationship of many years will go in the order for you to save more.