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Rx Canada 4 Less Reviews For 2021

19/03/2021 by

Rx Canada 4 Less Reviews For 2021

Rx canada 4 less is another pharmacy that has not received as many reviews as the other two; this is not a good sign, as most reviews for this store are quite good.

Not all stores can offer these sorts of discounts as, naturally, they are required by law. However, this website does have a number of other discounts to the point that it guarantees a recital.

As mentioned above, this store offers free Viagra pills, but more free pills can be obtained by paying an extra $10.

I admire the fact that they aren’t sure whether they should advertise this. It's good to know that they are being transparent with their business and allow the public to learn about them as they are trying to do with the first generation of their online store. Companies with no reviews are always suspicious and usually should not be trusted.

There are many questions that need to be asked and I think that a lot of people are going to have questions.

As my curiosity was piqued, I checked the status of the site on legitscript.com and scamadviser.com. The results are in and they are disappointingly low. Their domain has been blocked for 7 years and there are very few visitors to the site.

Prescription Requirement / Pricing / Coupons

From time to time, the pharmacy offers special coupons for regular customers. These coupons include:

  • 5% off all products
  • 8% off all drugs
  • 24% off all drugs

Rx canada 4 less has been honored with many testimonials from satisfied customers. Some of these testimonials are:

Prescription Requirement Pricing Coupons

  • I received my package 5 days before the date I wanted
  • I got my package 3 days before the date I wanted
  • Business as usual

The domain name records show us that this pharmacy has been operating for only 3 years. The owner of this site has used a Russian based server for their personal and business needs. This is something that is not usually found with online pharmacies that are more likely to be scam operations.

The site may be relatively new but there is no evidence available that shows that this is a new store. The Russian server may have been there for less than a year.

The records also show that there is no owner of this store. It is not clear where this is based or why it is being run by a third party company.

The pharmacy website is quite simple and not very visually appealing. It might be a good idea just to watch the videos instead.

Rx Canada 4 Less Reviews

The domain for this online pharmacy was first registered in 2003, which is more than ten years ago. However, it is a more recent domain as it was only registered in 2003.

This pharmaceutical website is owned by a company called Ocbserve. The company is based in Surrey BC, Canada. They are also using a seal from Ocbserve on the front page of the website.

Multiple countries are recognized by LegitScript as having regulatory bodies such as CIPA, MIPA, and CPA. The top regulatory body for pharmaceutical companies is CIPA, which also happens to be a member of LegitScript.

The pharmacy offers a very wide range of medical products. They offer very cheap prices, with some products being offered for as low as $0.27 per pill.

Payment Methods

These are very cheap prices indeed, but they are only a fraction of the cost that other online pharmacies are offering.

The prices of their generic products are also very cheap. They offer generic Viagra at a price of just $0.27 per pill.

It has been argued that the way that online pharmacies are managed makes them more attractive than an actual store. There is a lot of pressure behind the slogan of “buy at your own risk”, and this definitely applies to this pharmacy website.

They do not have a SSL certificate, which is a guarantee of your personal and card information being safe on the platform.

This pharmacy website is a scam. They are clearly involved in business malpractices that are not in keeping with legitimate online businesses.

Payment Methods

You can contact the customer care teams of the store from 866-463-3723 and 479-471-9424. They can be reached via their “contact us” form, telephone, and live chat.

Unfortunately, you do not have the ability to leave feedback in the form of a review on the online pharmacy or other platform, making it difficult for customers to evaluate the performance of the store. That is why we are able to analyze the customer reviews for the store on Trustpilot from third party platforms like Legit Script and Scam Adviser.

Let us take for example Legit Script’s report for the shop. Legit Script defines this store as a rogue pharmacy with a low trust rating. The report further says that the pharmacy is operating from an illegitimate location in the Eastern European country of Lithuania.

The pharmacy offers quality generic and brand medications through its website. However, the store is not as popular as it used to be due to the fact that there are more online stores selling generic medicines.

Rx Canada 4 Less Reviews

Rx canada 4 less is an online pharmacy known for selling high-quality pills at low prices. However, we noticed that the fact that this company is not registered is another red-flag. We continue reading to discover why we believe that this pharmacy is a rogue.

Online Pharmacy Express aims to provide the highest quality generic drugs at the lowest cost possible.


From all the information that we have found about this online seller, we will have no choice but to label them as a rogue.

The menu on this website is an interesting mix of food and drug products. They do not separate the different categories of drugs into product groups, they give the name of each drug type in the menu and then give the prices of each one. This makes it easier for customers to spot which one they are dealing with.

The only problem is that the pills are not shipped from the United States or Canada. They only dispatch the meds from India and Afghanistan. This is not the safest country for them to dispatch their products.

There is a live chat available 24/7. Unfortunately, they seem to be using a VPN to hide their real phone and email contact details.

Since this is a new pharmacy they have not had much customer feedback. We could not find any reviews that were posted on the pharmacy website and we can only find testimonials on the Facebook page. This is not good and makes us doubt their legitimacy.

We have also seen these testimonials on other leading pharmacies websites. Most of these testimonials seem to be written by people who have seen the pharmacy in action.

This is an online pharmacy which we have found to be lacking in customer service. They do not seem to be a reliable business and we do not want to risk our financial information on them.