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Rx Usa Review: A Scam With Fake Reviews And Fake Testimonials On Its Website

03/03/2021 by

Rx Usa Review: A Scam With Fake Reviews And Fake Testimonials On Its Website

Rx usa is a virtual drugstore that markets itself as being based in Canada. They say they offer low prices and high quality medicines for all. We look at what they have to offer to see if this really is a good online pharmacy.

The domain for this pharmacy’s website was first registered on the 5th of February 2016 and has a five year lifespan. This suggests that the pharmacy should be a safe platform for buying drugs.

However, the domain is not for sale online. They are using a service called VeriSign to make sure that it is safe for ordering drugs online.

The website uses a modern site design that is well-lit and has a good amount of information about it. They do not have a completely blank webpage so this should not be a cause for concern.

The site has information about where they are located in the world and the city they are in. They provide information about the different languages they offer and the different payment methods they accept.

This online drugstore is owned by a company called Pharmacy World Limited. They say that they operate pharmacies across the globe and accept payments by credit card.

This Canadian pharmacy is part of the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia which means that they have to display a licence for their store on their website.

Pharmacy World Limited is also a member of CIPA, CNP, DEA, and MIPA. CIPA the Canadian International Pharmacy Association is an organization that represents all the pharmacies that operate in British Columbia. They say that they have over 300 licensed, certified pharmacies from across the world.

They sell both brand and generic meds from their store. Their prices are low though not the cheapest we have seen online. They accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, and Discover card.

They also accept insurance to prevent any issues during your order. They provide a statement of how they treat their customers in the UK.

  1. Personal check
  2. International Money Order
  3. Wire Transfer

Only a few drugs are shipped to the United Kingdom from this store. There are other countries included in the delivery, though we don’t know which ones.

Rx Usa

This online pharmacy has been around for a while now. They have testimonials from customers on their site and they are all positive.

Support Team

Should a domain ever fail to meet these standards, it should be discarded as it is not ready to be used. There are many online drugstores that have been around for more than 2 years and are still receiving visitors from time to time.

If you decide to order their generic products, then they have a payment method that they are calling VISA or MasterCard. You may even pay with a bank transfer or an eCheck. You may need to provide a valid business card number and a valid email address to make payment.

Rx Usa Reviews 2021

They have not specified if they accept insurance, return and refunds for customers after they receive their products, though they suggest that they offer a 1-year warranty as well as security services.

Although rx usa has a FAQ page, there is no information about the real-world pharmacy located within the website itself. There is also no address to reach them from in the US.

Our sole assessment of the pharmacy is that it is a rogue online pharmacy. This is a clear indication that they have something to hide, which is a big red flag for sure.

We have recently come across another suspicious pharmacy, which is the site located in the Czech Republic. The website of this pharmacy is very similar to the one that is known as the drugstore, and this is a clear indication that they are both owned by the same person.

We have also discovered that rx usa has a mirror website in Germany, with the same content and a similar domain name.

This means that this site could be a mirror of any number of other legitimate pharmacies, or they are using the services of several fake pharmacies themselves.

Since they have to ship orders from their warehouse to their customers, they offer free delivery on orders over 200 EUR. Their shipping option is EMS and it takes 5-9 days for delivery.

As for their other offers, they offer a 5% discount for customers to enter promo code when they order, and they provide free delivery to their customers.

Furthermore, the lack of legal approvals for their pharmacy makes their service a possible risk. The use of fake seals is a common practice of many online pharmacies, but this one stands out as it is not seen many times before.

Support Team

Shipping Info

This site claims to ship your orders via express mail, however, we have found that the shipping process can take as little as 2 days. This was a concern, as it means that your orders could be missing for a very long time.

To conclude, the drugstore has a low trust rating, with a 0% out of 100% rating from legitscript.com. It is also operating illegally.

We don’t know if they use a valid yet as the pharmacy is alarming. There is a high chance that these drugs are probably fake.

As you might imagine, there are a lot of spam pharmacies associated with this website. There is also a large chance that their domains could be compromised.

There is also a high chance that the domain owner is most likely spamming you with emails and other emails in an attempt to steal your personal and card information.

This pharmacy is a rogue business that is not meeting the minimum requirements as required by the CIPA.

Furthermore, the Pharmacy Checker website gives the full details of the company without letting you in on the secret.

Furthermore, an examination of the CIPA website shows that they don’t check if the man to whom they are selling drugs is registered or licensed to sell drugs.

The majority of their drugs are dispensed from Canada.

Prescription Requirements

This site is an online store that claims to offer 24/7 customer support. However, our investigation shows that this is just one of the many claims that this store makes regarding the effectiveness of their products.

Sadly, this store does not have any regulation, having been registered for some time (2018) but is no longer up and running.

Rx usa is a virtual pharmacy that says on their site that they have been in business for over 10 years. They state that they offer a wide range of products and that their staff are Well Qualified by Trusted Pharmacy International. We review these claims in this article.

Rx Usa Reviews 2021

The pharmacy has a number of mirror websites from different domains. These websites use the same web layout, content and products. The drugstore does not give any information though about who owns these sites.

This is a concern as far as the pharmacy is concerned as these websites are not operated by a legitimate organization. While this is true of most of the sites on the internet, this one is not approved by the FDA.

Another site that uses a similar site content is www.shopping-po.com. This store sells a similar range of pills.

There is no mention of this store’s status on any regulatory body. However, there is information in the public records about the organization, such as the domain name and physical address.

The pharmacy accepts payment using Visa, Mastercard and American Express. They only use a secure payment gateway and it requires a valid security certificate to process your transaction.

This pharmacy offers free standard shipping within the United States and Canada through tracking and registered mail.


It is clear that the drug store is a scam. There is a lot of red flags and there is no way that it can be trusted. It is advisable that you stay away from it, especially if you live in the US. I would give it a rating of 1 out of 5. I will not be purchasing from this site any longer.

This online pharmacy seems to be operated from the United States of America. They do not provide much information about their physical location. This may be a deliberate lie as the owner of the site is using a privacy service to hide their real location.

All their pharmacies have a high trust rating on scamadviser.com. They are perceived to be a safe store. So, why am I trusting them?

They claim to offer " 24/7 customer support", this is an assurance that is mostly found with unreliable websites. This is the kind of assurance that a customer would expect from a reliable pharmacy. There is an issue with some pharmacies which use private email that is not visible to the public.

This pharmaceutical business must be operating within the rules that are set out to make sure that safe drugs are provided to customers. They have been approved by three regulatory bodies.

Two of them are the CPA (Canadian Professional Institute of Pharmacy) and Pharmacy Checker. The third approval is from the NABP.

A good thing about this pharmaceutical store is that they have a wide range of products. They offer both brand- name pills and generic pills.

This drugstore offers two options for payment. They are secured and unsecured credit cards are accepted.