laser tattoo removal for unwanted tattoos

Tattoo Removal

Say goodbye to unwanted tattoos with laser tattoo removal sessions using the RevLite SI system. Dr. Moira Ariano and Dr. Arthur Gray are happy to introduce the RevLite SI to their Naperville Dermatology practice.


The RevLite SI uses state-of-the-art technology to remove even the most stubborn tattoos, including those with green and black inks. Today’s laser tattoo removal treatments are safer than traditional methods like dermabrasion, acid and excision removal. The RevLite SI uses a high-intensity light beam to break up underlying tattoo ink into microscopic particles. The ink is then absorbed and naturally eliminated from the body to remove your unwanted tattoo. Laser tattoo removal treatments are short and have less pain and side effects than other procedures. Patients can resume their normal routines immediately following RevLite SI laser tattoo removal.



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