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The Canadian Pharmacy Review – A Common Fraud

09/01/2021 by

The Canadian Pharmacy Review – A Common Fraud

The canadian pharmacy is a Canadian pharmacy that claims to offer 24/7 customer support. It is also a seller of pills that come in different brands, but the most popular are Viagra and Cialis. You can find it on many online stores and you can purchase the same branded generic pills at cheaper prices if you are ordering drugs from them.

Some of the customer reviews on the pharmacy website are not as positive as the testimonials you would expect and are rather more skeptical than positive.

  1. Albeit a great service, I am disappointed with the fact that they are not very consistent in delivering. I was hoping for faster response and more reasons than just the location of their customer. It is hard to believe that a pharmacy which has been around since 2015 would be so new to the business.
  2. They do not have a live chat feature like most online pharmacies have and you need to call them to get in contact.
  3. You need to make sure that you have the correct quantity of pills and not just the wrong one. If your order exceeds the limit of 50 pills, there is a $10 fee.
  4. They do not have a mailing address. You need to send a message through their message board to them to have your mail and EMS delivered.
  5. You need an account account with them and you need to provide them with at least two hundred fifty dollars to cover their hosting cost.
  6. Your order will be delivered to their address in the US and they will charge you $30 for this service.

The website is a pharmacy that has been making online sales for 2 years. They claim to have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. I reviewed them last year and I thought they had a good service and looking good. Then, all of a sudden, it seems like they have been swindled.

All of these things were found to be true. The fact that they have been swindled is enough to put them into the category of being a rogue pharmacy. They owe their existence to one man in Hungary. I wanted to know why.

The answer is found in my recent article that I wrote about the site. In this article, I want to discuss the information in detail to make you more confident in choosing them as a trustworthy pharmacy.

The Canadian Pharmacy Coupon Codes

The drug store is a Canadian pharmacy which claims to provide Canadian pharmacy-related services to their clients. They also provide an international fulfillment service for their drug wholesalers. This store is a click away from where you would need to order your medication.

I called the pharmacy on their toll-free number and spoke to a customer support associate. They said that they had been approved by the CIPA and that the associate was able to assist them with their questions regarding the CIPA approval. They were also happy with the reviews they received from their customers.

After requesting some feedback, I was shown how to register an account with the store. This was done by simply making a phone call or visiting the store on their website.

I have seen these reviews on other online platforms as well. They do not have an archived record of their customer reviews on these platforms. It is therefore difficult to verify whether these comments are authentic or copied.

I tried checking what other shops were offering it and found that the store was not only impressive, but also refreshingly so.

Consumers from Singapore are also able to take advantage of this offer. They only need to pay $30 and they will receive ten free pills. Their offer is available until July 2011.

There are also special offers on the store. They offer to give away extra pills for the first time. If you purchase enough, you will be given a number of free pills.

I find it impressive that an online store can actually function for more than a year. There are so many benefits to purchasing medicines online. There is also a lot of risks, however. The risk of running into shady and unknown sources is high. As a result, I like to shop at my local pharmacy.

I like the fact that the shop has a Canadian pharmacy license. This is a good sign that shows they are really legitimate. I am not completely sold on the quality of their drugs and the attitude they have in their store. Nevertheless, they are offering some great discounts for their customers online. I rate them 4 out of 5.

The Canadian Pharmacy

This drug store is a Canadian pharmacy that offers great discounts for their clients.

Business Contact Details

One of the best characteristics of this online pharmacy is the lack of contact details. You cannot find a contact in the FAQ section of the platform. Instead, the platform has a form that you have to fill out.

The drugstore is very wide-ranging. You have the choice of buying erectile dysfunction medicines, blood pressure drugs, and cholesterol treatments.

Erectile dysfunction drugs are the most popular product on this online drugstore. These drugs are supposed to treat male impotence. They are also used to treat premature ejaculation (PE)-related impotence.

In fact, there are over 200 testimonials from customers of this drugstore website on The Trustpilot page.

To conclude, the canadian pharmacy is a pharmacy that claims to offer top quality meds. However, we found that there are many inaccuracies in this testimonial section.

It also appears that the company is registered by another company which is not approved by any regulatory authority.

To conclude, the drugstore website appears to be unreliable and unreliable reviews seem to be from other customers of the website.

Accepted payment through Card VeriSign (VISA or MasterCard), there is also a negotiated option for credit cards.

All packages are shipped from Canada with delivery being fastest to the USA and most expensive to Europe.

Shipping / Delivery / Payments

Shipping is usually very cheap at G Vita, and is actually quite affordable which is a good thing as it means that customers are not at risk of losing out on any money they spend on the medication. However, there are certain circumstances where this discount will not be available so it is still best to use their service for drugs that cost more than $200 for the entire purchase.

  • 20% off all recurring payments

Not all credit cards are accepted at checkout which means that when you go through with your order you are likely to be charged twice than you bargained for.

The delivery is pretty good at G Vita as they offer worldwide shipping which is actually cheaper than what other online pharmacy stores are offering. However, in terms of delivery this is probably their best thing since it has a tracking option and it is faster than the standard airmail.

Business Contact Details

Customer service at G Vita is pretty good and dependable. They offer phone and email support through phone and their page on the internet is a lot easier to use than the others. They also have a lot of products to offer and guarantee that you will receive them all even if you have a few questions.

  • 24/7 customer support for postal orders
  • 24/7 customer support for other orders

The online pharmacy has a lot of reviews on its site and they are all positive. Even though it may be quite limited, it is better than other pharmacy websites that are just limited in their reach.

  • Review by Craig from Victoria BC, Canada

I am happy with my purchase so far. I have received my package in under a week (3 days) and I am delighted with the timely delivery of my products.

The pharmacy is doing a wonderful job and I am truly impressed. The quality of the drugs being offered and the prices were great as well. I will not hesitate to order again from them.

  • Review by Anonymous of Raleigh NC

The customer service team was excellent and responsive. They were able to respond to my query in 24 hours and advised me on how to avoid them in the future.

The drugs I have purchased were delivered to my door with no any delay. The delivery was also efficient with the drugs being processed within days. I will definitely be a customer again. My experience was great and I would highly recommend this pharmacy to anyone looking for a reliable online pharmacy.

  • Review by Anonymous of Florida

The customer service team was fantastic. They responded to my query promptly and with no problems in the future. I will definitely be a customer again.

  • Review by Anonymous of San Francisco

The Canadian Pharmacy Reviews 2021

There is also a seal from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), a group of pharmaceutical companies that have the same goal of providing quality, trusted services to their customers.

A huge number of products are available at this online pharmacy. This includes antibiotics, birth control, cholesterol-lowering drugs, skin care products, weight loss pills, and a lot more.

The Canadian Pharmacy

The pricing of these products are very cheap. For example, the average cost of a pill of Viagra is $1.77. This one is only sold for $1.67.

The second shipping method is Trackable Courier Service. This is a $25 express courier service that takes approximately 6-9 days to be fulfilled and it is a good idea to contact the company whenever you need faster delivery.

In spite of all the positive feedback that we have seen regarding this online pharmacy, there is one very big problem that we think might be related to the fact that the company is not registered yet.

Customer Support

Even though this company claims to offer 24/7 customer support and 365 days of live chat, there is no evidence available to support these claims.

Asking for a refund is easy using the company’s Help Desk form. Another excellent option is to call the pharmacists using their toll-free number. They do not provide email or phone support as this is considered questionable.

One of the main reasons why we are into this industry is the low costs of drugs. Cheap medicines are often hard to compete with through other means. For this reason, we don’t normally find many customers willing to spend their money in the market.

However, we can see that this online store offers medications at a reasonable price. The prices are not perfect, but the prices are near the average.

The domain for this pharmacy was first registered on the 22nd of April 2002, which can be further verified by the Web Archive. Most online pharmacies nowadays are registered for one or two years each. This may be the reason why this one has a long-term domain.

The registration date for this domain has not been confirmed. However, the domain was last updated on the 27th of May 2019.

This pharmacy is running a business for 9 years now and they have not been able to confirm whether this is a legit or a rogue company.

The company is the certified member of the American National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (an online pharmacy that sells high-quality drugs) and the Delaware State Board of Pharmacy.


With the arrival of the medical supplies from India, the situation on the ground got better. More and more people started coming for the medical treatment and the supply of it. They were also pleased with the speedy delivery of the meds and the low prices they had. But, there were still some complaints about the store’s operation and its lack of a license to be operated by anybody.

It is not yet a high-risk pharmacy so it can be a good place to order your meds if you know how to navigate the site. But, it is a dangerous place so it should not be you go to if you are planning to order from such a store.

From our findings, it looks like this the drugstore store has not secured the trust of many customers despite its having been a licensed member of the pharmacy network. This makes me think of others that have had similar experiences with the shop. Hence, it seems like it has some suspicious characteristics that makes it not a good place to order from.

Thecanadianpharmacy.com is a store which makes a good point about wanting to be more transparent on their site. The pharmacy network has a strong presence on the internet. They are part of the American National Pharmacy Association (ANPA) and they also have a license to operate. A pharmacy network is an association of several online pharmacies that share a common business name. They help one another gain popularity and make their site more attractive to buyers. They are owned by United Pharmacopies which is a Canadian pharmacy. They have a member of the board of directors in Canada as well. They have a live chat as well. There is a buyer’s guide on their site. I did a quick search to find out the costs of purchases. They offer offcials for all, generic over the counter as well as prescriptions medications. An online search for the drugstore proved that there are many queries about the store. I thought having a search bar would be handy but it shows that the store is not as popular as it might have originally thought.

The canadian pharmacy is a verified pharmacy network operating from Canada with branches in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. They have a website for their network based in the USA. They claim to have dispensing and shipping services to all over the world.