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Ti Romel Review – A Scam

27/12/2020 by

Ti Romel Review – A Scam

Ti romel is a store with a very wide range of products to choose from. It is worth checking out to see if the store is able to help you with your pharmacy expenses.

The pharmacy is a drugstore which aims to provide affordable medicines to the people. It is a platform which allows you to order drugs from any country in the world. It also provides you a way to pay using credit cards from leading companies such as Visa, Mastercard, and JCB. This means if you are living outside of the European Union, it’s still possible to place your order at ti romel.

Shipping is done using the postal service for the US and the UK. Orders above £10 qualify for a tracking number and are sent via courier service. Orders over £20 qualify for free delivery. The store is offering partial refunds for customers who have already purchased medicines.

I tried to use a live chat to ask about the pharmacy but got no response and had to send an email to the support team to fill in a ticket to get an answer to their question.

This site now asks its customers to contact it through its “Contact Us” page for their inquiries.

Tiromel.net has a lot of products to choose from. Here are some of the things I tried to get my hands on:

  • Acidity
  • Allergy
  • Antibiotics
  • Birth Control
  • Herbals
  • Insect Repellants
  • Skin Care
  • Sleeping Aid
  • Sleep Aid
  • Sleeping Pack

This online pharmacy has been licensed and registered both in the USA and in the UK. They are also a member of the Pharmacy Checker Network.

Ti romel offers different ways to save you some money.

Domain Profile

The domain has been registered one year ago on the 7th of June 2019. This is quite short of the expected two years and shows a lack of confidence for the site.

Domain Profile

The domain was last updated on the 7th of June 2012, which would suggest that the domain is more likely to be long-lived as a result of the business being able to receive payments.

The business is a member of the Registration, Clearing, and Government agencies which ensure that companies are following the rules for what kind of business they are an online store, they are not operating illegally.

The pharmacy is also certified by the Pharmacy Checker Team and is supported by an online pharmacy and a third-party company which monitors its site.

UK-based customers must submit a valid prescription for the prescribed pills and be on a prescription approved by your doctor before you can place an order.

The prices of the products available from the store are right at the low end of the market. This means that there is a lot of competition for the best selling drugs.

Shipping is done worldwide using Airmail, which costs £9.95 and costs £515.44 when you order through Trackable Courier Service.

The store has a testimonial page that displays the customer’s feedback for the medicine store. The feedback can be seen on the site and it is very positive.

However, the feedback from several third party sites are not true, as they are all fake. There are also some testimonials on the online pharmacy, all contain the same keywords.

When you place an order you will only be able to get a refund or a replacement if your order exceeds the value of £20.

We have found that this pharmacy is a non-registered British business.

Fake Versus Real Online Pharmacies

Ti Romel Reviews

Operating their business for a little over a month. The domain was registered on 6th January 2016, which suggests that they may be operating for as long as 6 years.

This new domain is set for expiry in the year 2004, which implies that they may be operating their business for a very long time if it is a scam.

There is a website that looks legitimate, but is not able to be trusted as the owner is using a protection service to hide their identity.

Their main product is men’s health products, which is a good sign of a more reliable and legitimate business.

The pharmacy is registered in the state of California as well as the City of Los Angeles and the pharmacy is managed by California Health Insurance Company.

They have a physical address in the Bay Area for their store in San Jose, California, and they also have a phone number available in the city.

The pharmacy is part of the Better Business Bureau and CIPA, which indicates that the business is operating legally.

The pharmacy is verified by the AAUP and other prominent associations such as Legit Script and Pharmacy Checker.

The pharmacy does not appear on any government-approved lists, and the FDA is the only organization that is certified to approve the products and services they sell.

The pharmacy does not have a seal from the FDA on the front page of the website and they do not have any guarantees of safety when used.

Ti Romel

They offer brand-name drugs and generic drugs. Brand Viagra, the drug that made Julian Assange famous, costs $35 USD. The most expensive generic option is Cialis, which costs $82 USD.

  • Direct debited payments: $25
  • Checkes: $30

Shipping is free, and they only use discreet courier service to fulfill orders. Orders are shipped from the United States and Europe. They only dispatch from USA to Canada.

The customer support team is available to help customers in all geographical locations. They use the phone and email to get assistance and they also provide live chat.

Fake Versus Real Online Pharmacies

They don’t have real reviews from regular customers who have actually used their services, this further proves that they are a fake.

We have also found out that this pharmacy is being operated from a fake Australian state called New South Wales which is not a registered member of any health regulatory authority.

Three years ago, there were more than 200 online pharmacies of various pharmacy brands available on the internet. However, this number has now been reduced to just over 100 by these rogue pharmacies.


They are too new to be on the market for more than three years, so I would say that they are unlikely to be of any help to potential customers. It is hard to trust a business at such a young age, so this may be a new site for them.

For this reason, I would give them a rating from 1 out of 5 and people who have a review from a customer will award them 3 stars.

Apart from the cheap prices of the generic medicines, the shop also gives preference to the buyers at getting their meds from the store. The store guarantees a 10% less than other online pharmacies, which is very enticing. Patients are also given freebie pills on all orders regardless of the quantity they choose to order.

This drugstore can be contacted through their ‘contact us’ page. They hope that their customer service team will be able to answer their queries and provide them answers to their concerns. Their phone line is open during business hours, and they also provide “live chat” feature.

Interesting things have appeared on the Internet, and I wanted to know what others thought about ti romel.

I have come across a few testimonials for TiRomel. An anonymous reader, who said that they had received their package three weeks ago, gave it a 4-star rating.