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Trusted Tablets Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy To Be Avoided

24/03/2021 by

Trusted Tablets Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy To Be Avoided

Trusted tablets is a Canadian pharmacy which has been operating for 7 years. They sell low-priced generic medicines at the lowest price possible. There is no limit to the price they can sell them at so long as the product is approved by the FDA. They have a live chat support team so you can make phone and email contact with them.

If you have any concerns or if you believe that your order has been sent or received an invalid shipment, you can get in contact with them through their online form or by calling their toll-free hotline. TrustedTablets accepts VISA cards, MasterCard and bank money transfers. They also accept insurance as a form of payment which can be purchased through their website once the order is verified.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your order, they are available to hire a pharmacist, doctor, or a pharmacist, whichever you prefer. They dispense medication from their pharmacy and they are licensed to sell their medicines to any country in the world except for their one country of origin.

There are several reviews on the internet for certain aspects of trusted tablets. Of these reviews, some are dated back to 2004, some were posted this year. Though they all seem to be written on the same page, they are from different web platforms. What this suggests is that they are not created by the same person.

I would not trust this pharmacy unless there is some evidence of an actual business transaction. Like the sites Whois.com and Scamadviser, these reviews haven’t been correctly verified by the CIPA and LegitScript.

There is no way that I can verify these reviews without resorting to legitscript.com. When they were posted, they have the CIPA seal, but it is no longer available. The company which posted them, this drugstore, was licensed to operate a pharmacy store for 3 years with no prescription claims.

Currently, the shop has free shipping and free pills on all orders. However, for orders over $339.

Customers can also take advantage of their offer of free shipping and pills if they are orders over $200.

Trusted tablets is a virtual pharmacy that dispenses drugs using its own branded medication. However, I was able to find information about other pharmacies online. The virtual seller of drugs, I found out that it is a registered in Canada. The pharmacy has been verified by Confirmed Exchanges and their pharmacies. It has a large number of customers.

Trusted Tablets Coupon Codes

They give you the option to pay using credit cards from some of the major banks in the United States and Canada. If you already used your credit card, the drugstore will accept it. Customers who make purchases larger than $200 qualify for free delivery.

Our testimonials give the store some credibility as they can be found on the seller's website. However, we also find these reviews to be somewhat biased. They are not real customer reviews and show that this is a fake seller.

Trusted Tablets Prescription Requirements

As loyal customers, you are entitled to a 10% discount on all future orders. However, you must submit an offer code to qualify for the discount.

  • You may pay using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit cards from any participating banks.
  • As long as you are living in the United States, you may pay using Visa or MasterCard credit cards from any participating bank.
  • You may pay using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover debit cards from any participating bank.

If you have a question regarding the products you are receiving, you can contact our customer support team via one of the following methods:

Trusted Tablets
  1. You may call us through our toll-free hotline at (866) 496-9793 or you may send an email to [email protected] .
  2. You may fill out an online form or call us at (866) 496-9793 and get in contact with our customer support team directly.

The site has been featured in multiple local news sources covering the health industry, such as the Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, and Orlando Sentinel. It is also a frequent visitor to Yelp.

However, there is also a condition known as suspicious activity, where too many customers are getting sick, so it is advisable not to place any large order on this website.

Since the pharmacy has been featured in several local publications, I have also seen the number of reviews on Legitscript.com.

The number of reviews is rather low, as most of the times it is used by fraud websites. Moreover, the reviews are all dated, so it seems like they were made by very well-cited organizations.

Apart from the 20% reduction for both shipping and delivery, you can also apply for a 10% discount for the next customer.

Prescription Requirements

If you are ordering the drug from this website, you cannot leave the country without a valid prescription from a licensed physician.

  • 30% OFF in January
  • Discount in the next 365 days
  • 20% OFF in February

Delivery is via standard Airmail. It takes 2-4 weeks to arrive and costs £10.00 or delivery voucher.

Yes, there is a testimonials section that you can leave on your own website. Unfortunately, there are few testimonials on independent sites.

It will give you a window to post your comments in the following 24 hours. You will need to provide a physical address and phone number to get a response.

They have an offer of free Airmail delivery to customers who place orders in the first 3 months. You also get a 5% discount on your next order.

They also have special offers on occasion and you get to choose your rewards based on the number of orders you reach.

They only provide a phone and email support to the US and UK. They do not currently have a live chat support.

Customer Support

Here is the customer service team of trustedtablets.com. It has been found that the website does not have an SSL certificate. Therefore, the information that they share on the website is not encrypted and can be entered by anyone. Therefore, it is very easy for fraudsters to steal your money and personal details that you can use for their personal use.

Trusted Tablets Coupon Codes

A call to the support team may be very helpful in the future as they will be able to help you with the questions you may have and attention to detail will be missed.

Although the website is not active anymore, there are still some customer reviews to look at on the internet. In addition, there are also some testimonials posted here too.

Overall, the reviews are very good and they are not shared by the website. The reviews are not genuine and are just copied from other websites that are not regulated by government and are therefore unsafe.

Trusted tablets is an online pharmacy that claims to be a Canadian business. They say that they are popular with customers in helping them to save more for their medicines. We investigate the claims they make in this article to find out if it is a legitimate pharmacy or just another scam.

The pharmacy does not provide any information about where they are based or the regulatory approvals they have received.

They sell both brand name and generic pills from their online store. They claim to offer the best-selling drugs for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and healthy bones. They also promise to provide you with the best experience possible when shopping with them.

There are really two requirements when shopping with them. The first requirement is that you be 18 years of age or older, whichever is younger. That should prove that the pharmacy is legitimate and is safe to use.

Credit Cards are the only payment methods they currently accept. They use Visa and MasterCard, they do not accept money orders.


The prospect of a cheaper option for ED drugs from this drugstore is enticing. However, we must bear in mind that their terms and conditions are confidential and may limit the number of transactions that they can make. This anonymity is another protection that is often offered by rogue pharmacies.

This site has a mailing address that is located in Somerset House, London. The website also provides information about them on their About Us page.

This website does not provide a phone number that you could call to ask any questions. A contact form can be found on their Pharmacy Checker page.

The pharmaceutical industry is regulated by the NABP and the European Medicines Agency. They must also be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

They also provide information about the different categories of drugs that are available on the site. They have medicines for weight loss, acne, depression, and erectile dysfunction.

Shipping takes 2-3 weeks for deliveries. There is also an Express shipping option for orders delivered by Express delivery services. They do not currently ship to countries such as the USA, Canada, and a few other Asian countries.

This online pharmacy has a testimonial page that is full of positive feedback from their customers. However, since the pharmacy is new, we do not yet have all the testimonials from customers.