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Via Medic Review – A Scam That Should Be Avoided By Buyers

09/03/2021 by

Via Medic Review – A Scam That Should Be Avoided By Buyers

Via medic is a mystery drugstore that claims to sell drugs that are a worldwide dispersion. This includes meds for impotence, blood pressure, cholesterol, hair loss prevention, and erectile dysfunction drugs. The store is operating from Switzerland and refuses to ship to the USA, Canada or any other countries of the world. They offer all products - male and female - at the lowest price possible.

This drugstore offers FDA approved products like Viagra, for impotence, Cialis and Levitra. Their top selling product is Viagra, at A$138.56 for 12 pills. Their cheapest product is Cialis at A$116.71 for 4 pills.

The store is no longer in operation and no emails are available. No live chat and no call to action are available. Their website is a mail priority. The store was first registered on the 5th of May 2003 and last updated on the 30th of May 2019.

They accept eCheck payments and they accept bank wire transfers. They have a warehouse in the United States that ships orders to other countries.

This website receives a lot of feedback from its customers. They do not require a signed statement from any party to validate their testimonials.

The feedback they receive is real and includes the names of the customers who have served them. Customers who have received feedback express a lot of satisfaction and goodwill.

They have numerous customer testimonials from all sources. All the feedback they received were positive and showed that their customers are very happy with the service of this store.

Available Meds

For the price, via medic has the cheapest prices on the web. They do not have a prescription policy in place, but it is strongly suggested that you seek professional help in case of any medical problems you are having with your medications. This shop has a green light for delivery of drugs without prescription from their users.

Since the pharmacy has a long run of over 10 years, they are likely to be able to sell the drugs on their website.

Mirror Websites

Another banned domain that we came across though is the domain name of a website that advises people to buy medicines from if they want to do their job right.

While this may look like a positive, it will give away that this pharmacy is not an official member of any regulatory authority. The owner of this domain is wanted by the US Department of Justice for acting as an unlicensed agent for the US Government.

The website for this online drugstore has a very similar layout pattern to many other rogue pharmacies. For example, you will find that nearly all the website images used in the online store are identical, this is a sign that the site is over-run with some type of malware.

This site may also be based in Belarus, a country notorious for running several variants of malware that are unapproved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

There are more than 80 fake regulatory bodies in the US that have no connection to the United States and are therefore not regulated by the US Government.

The DEA, for example, is not an approved member of any regulatory authority and is also running an unapproved affiliate site for them.

Also, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and other US based organizations have no affiliation to either the DEA or any other regulatory authority.

There are over 100 pages of different products to choose from and this includes medical and beauty products. This means that it is likely a more specialized site that caters to a specific client.

Shipping costs $30 and this is all processed by this site. This means that you will need to contact them to make any payment before shipping.

Via Medic

This means that they lack the necessary certification to operate safely and it also indicates that their site is probably a scam.

ViaMedic seems to have a good website design, they have some regulation and are quite user-friendly.

Domain Details

In addition, the domain was only registered recently on 2018-03-14. The domain registrar’s date of birth is given as 2018-03-14.

The business has been verified as a rogue pharmacy by Scamner.com and Scamadviser.com. Moreover, it has been found that the website is being operated from Czech Republic.

Furthermore, the site is very new so it is therefore not safe to share personal or financial details.

The store does not have any legal approvals to operate in the United States. Moreover, it is being operated from a high-risk country like Russia.

This store specializes in selling men’s health drugs. However, we suspect that the majority of their products are generic.

The store is selling a wide range of generic drugs. This includes products for erectile dysfunction, weight loss, skin care, anti-allergic, antibiotics, anti-viral, hair loss, and a lot more.

However, they are only selling at a very low price. For example, they offer generic Viagra for only $75. This is extremely expensive and it does not reflect well on the quality of their medications.

We do not currently have a coupon code. However, we will be adding more discount vouchers towards future orders.

  • Personal Check
  • International Money Order
  • Wire Transfer
  • Bitcoin

Although this pharmacy supports the use of Visa and MasterCard, they do not have the necessary certifications from other organizations to accept your payments.

The pharmacy offers 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and fax. Additionally, they offer a live chat for any queries.

This pharmacy has a testimonial page with over 700 testimonials from customers from all over the world. These testimonials are all positive. However, we can verify that the pharmacy is not backed by several independent reviews.

Via medic is a genuine online pharmacy. However, there is far more room for improvement. They do not have any validation from third parties and are acting very suspicious.

Product Pricing

Viamedic.com stores are known for offering cheaper prices than other stores in the industry. We can see this especially with products like Viagra and Cialis. Compare the prices from the long run, for example, and you will realize that the products have a relatively higher price.

The company is also known to offer prescription drugs since they recognize the importance of the treatment and want to help people get better. However, at the same time, clinical trials are being conducted by large pharmaceutical companies which are typically much more expensive than the drugs they are administering.

There isn’t an existing coupon for this site which is available right now. However, there is a promotion where the company rewards each order with a 15% discount on the next order.

Via Medic

The company also makes sure that their customers are provided with a live support team and medications ensuring that they will reply to their questions in 24 hours.

Yes, there are testimonials here on the site. However, we think that this is a big marketing ploy as they are obviously fully loaded with fake testimonials.

We know that they don’t have any affiliation with these reviews or any other reviews available on the internet.

This does not bode well with the fact that they do not have a licensed pharmacist on staff to review the services provided by their customers.

Via medic claims to sell quality meds at very affordable prices. They have clearly placed themselves as a pharmacy which you can trust and claim that you have previously. We will go into detail of how we could discover a flaw with their services and the services given by them.

We have seen quite a few pharmacy stores in the past few years that use a similar structure. There aren’t any other legitimate pharmacies who do this. This store, on the other hand, has a completely different website which clearly states that it is a Canadian dispensary.

Via Medic Information

This website was started selling generic treatments in 2018. There are many different treatments available at the pharmacy including drugs for erectile dysfunction, skin care, hair loss, and women’s health.

The pharmacy that is online without a prescription has no prescriptions. This means that you can purchase controlled substances without asking your doctor.

Via medic is a famous pharmacy and offers products for almost every medication imaginable. Some of the special offers that they provide include:

  • Discount Code: If you are in the US and you order 40 pills of their Viagra pill bundle you get 40 extra as a gift.
  • Generic ED Drugs: They are also giving a limited time offer of only 30 pills of the regular bundle with an average cost of $49. This is a great deal!
  • Save a few bucks with their Special Offer! If you order 40 pills of their Viagra pack they will give you free with every order.

Credit card offered by this site is VISA and MasterCard only. If you are interested in using the discount offer with your next purchase you must call their support team to confirm.

It is a bit confusing when ordering for orders but they are providing a valid prescription on their website. They also mentioned that they are using International Registered Mail for their shipping. All medications are shipping from Canada and the United Kingdom. The pharmacy offers to ship to any country in the world except for some Asian countries.

With a few payments they have a good offer. They do not require a prescription but they do have a medical cannabis card which allows them to dispense ED drugs without any prescription.

They offer Visa and MasterCard processing and shipping. They offer to ship to almost all countries in the world except some Asian countries. They do not have any live chat support so you must call their hotline at +1 614 472 9792 for more information.

Via Medic Coupon

You can also enjoy one free generic Viagra pill with every first purchase made at via medic.

These freebies are only available to new customers. However, if you are willing to make another purchase after you have your first one, you will be given an extra free one too.

The shop is a pharmacy I’ve been eyeing for a while now due to its cheap prices and good customer service. However, despite its low prices, the pharmacy does not have too many customers purchasing ED drugs per month.

Clean needles are also pricey at this pharmacy. Buyers have to pay an extra $9.95 for buying extra Viagra pills.

Via Medic Domain Details

The website is a licensed Canadian online pharmacy. They have been authorized by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia. They have a licensed pharmacist supporting team working 24/7 to provide their customers with reliable service.

Via medic is offering a money back guarantee and will reship under special circumstances. However, for all returns, refunds and cancellations, the customer is responsible for paying for the shipping costs.

I checked the reviews for the website on other pharmacies websites and found out the reviews were all positive.

Michael S., on the one hand, told how happy he was with the timely delivery of his order. He has been receiving his products from this store for over 3 years, and he thanked them for their help.

Another satisfied customer called the customer service department of this drug store as the team is always ready to provide assistance and guidance to its clients. He even expressed his appreciation for their excellent service.

This review was from a satisfied customer who thanked the customer service team. He was also satisfied with the recent delivery of his order.

Payment & Delivery / Customer Support

Via medic does not currently accept money laundering reports due to the sensitive nature of these transactions.

Orders can be tracked using the product locator located on the pharmacy website. However, a tracking number is not available.

  • Checks and money orders : Your credit card funds are linked to your account. This is the preferred payment method charged by the pharmacy website, as it requires less processing time.
  • Direct Debit Payment : This payment method allows you to pay using E-checks and your credit card. Once the transaction is verified, your payment will be complete.
  • Wire Transfer : This payment option allows you to pay through a variety of credit cards.

To conclude, this website is operating in accordance with the law and it protects the privacy of its users. However, it is not yet approved by the relevant regulatory bodies for payments. Therefore, the pharmacy website does not meet the licensing requirements to continue operating within the laws of the state.

Purchasing medicines from the pharmacy is easy since the store has a valid license. ClearClearSky Pharmacy does not require a prescription in order to purchase medicines. They only require a written prescription from their doctor.

There is nothing like a great deal to tempt the customers. The deals that ClearSky Pharmacy has to offer are truly unbelievable. For example, they offer free shipping for the orders above $200. A customer orders $299 and their package will be sent for free.


There were always the few good news about the pharmacy. The pharmacy sold a wide range of generic medicines and had great prices.

They also offered to ship the packages within USA only. The delivery was through their exclusive tie-up with FedEx and UPS. All customers receive their shipment via fast delivery.

They claimed to serve more than 1,000 pharmacies and most of them are licensed. They also claimed that they had hundreds of thousands of customers. They offered guaranteed delivery and a 100% money back guarantee. They offered mediation for customers to resolve their disputes.

Via medic offered some pricing incentives and discounts in the form of coupons. You can find the full details of their offers on the bottom of this page. However, I strongly believe that it is better to view the offers of the pharmacy on the official website for better insights.

The shop also offered free shipping via regular shipping and a discount of 10% on all re-orders. I personally don not like a good discount especially when it is tied to a specific product and when it means that you won’t be able to afford your prescription drugs.

It seems that this pharmacy is now closed and they will be unable to operate any more because of this lost member certification. They are also not following all the rules and regulations as they should have done when they were still members.

I am giving the shop 1 out of 5 stars for their membership with the CIPA. Their lack of transparency before even being honest about it was a big deal.